Zero Waste Week: How to reuse your old Pillows

As Zero Waste Week comes to a close, we hope that we’ve given you some ideas for reducing your waste when it comes to replacing your bedding and looking after your bed frames.

A zero waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be a difficult process and it’s really down to you how you make it work.

We are encouraged to replace our pillows regularly, every 6 months or so, not only to keep our bedding fresh but also for hygiene reasons.

Every night as we sleep, we give off sweat and lose dead skin cells, which, you guessed it, end up in our pillows.

There are plenty of ways to effectively freshen up and clean your pillows, but when they start to look worn or they can no longer be fluffed up like before, it may be a good time to consider a new set.  

Much like duvets, pillows cannot be recycled, making it much harder to come to an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of them. Depending on their condition, they can usually be donated to good causes. Try conducting some research into local shelters or charities in your area, as your unwanted pillows could be just what someone needs.

Another great option would be to reuse. You may not have considered this as an option, after all, why would you want an old pillow hanging around the home? Well, there are plenty of projects that are worth exploring if you’re feeling creative!

We would advise that before you use your pillows for any project, or prior to donating, that you wash your pillows in a regular machine cycle, placing tennis or dryer balls in the machine along with the pillows to ensure that the stuffing is fluffed up during the wash.

Your pillows may no longer be in the best state for your own use, but they make excellent pet bed cushions. Simply place the pillow in your pet’s bed for extra cushioning. Alternatively, they can be placed directly on the floor.

When placed in a case, your old pillows can make brilliant draft excluders, particularly at this time of year when you’ll want to preserve as much heat in the home as possible. Just place the pillow at the bottom of your door as you would a regular excluder.

If you’re a keen gardener, old pillows can make the perfect kneeling cushion, keeping you comfortable whilst you tend to the garden. The pillows can either be placed down as they are or with a pillowcase that you don’t mind using outdoors. Using a cover can give the pillow extra support, prevent it from slipping about on the ground and protect the pillow from damp.

Finally, if you happen to have stuffed toys that have seen better days, then much to your child’s delight, you can use your old pillows to create your own stuffing or try your hand at making new toys and reserve your worn pillows for the fillings.

More importantly, before reusing or donating your old pillows, make sure you have replacements on hand. We have a whole range of pillows starting from just £5.

Have you prepared your bedding for the autumn? Or will you be replacing your pillows soon? If so, we’d love to know what you plan on doing with your old pillows.

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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