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What is a mirrored wardrobe?

As the name suggests, a mirrored wardrobe, sometimes referred to as a 'mirror doors wardrobe', is simply a wardrobe with a full-length mirror featured across one of the doors.

What is a full-length mirror?

Full-length mirrors are defined by their length and are designed to allow a person to see their full height through their reflection.

Why should I consider this type of wardrobe?

One of the main reasons mirrored wardrobes are so popular is convenience; most people deem a mirror and a wardrobe as necessary regarding bedroom furniture, so combining these two furnishings into a single structure makes sense. As with any wardrobe, a mirror wardrobe features standard or sliding doors that reveal spacious hanging space and often internal shelves and drawers beneath the doors. So often, as soon as we try an outfit on from the wardrobe, our first point of call is a mirror; mirrored doors are ideally placed to assess your clothes.

How can I find my perfect wardrobe with mirrored doors?

Whichever wardrobe you opt for is likely to occupy a large amount of space in your bedroom; it's, therefore, crucial to assess the furniture's suitability. In addition, it's important not to look at the wardrobe in isolation and instead consider it in regard to your room's size and aesthetic; otherwise, you risk the wardrobe overpowering your room and clashing with your current aesthetic.

Filter your search by drawers

Whether you'd like drawers to accompany your wardrobe depends on your storage requirements and personal preference. If you require additional space in your room for garments that don't require hanging up, such as underwear and socks, then a wardrobe with drawers is a great choice.

Filter your search by doors

As a general rule of thumb, the greater number of doors equates to greater wardrobe size. So whilst extra storage space is convenient, your bedroom may not be large enough to accommodate a two or three-door wardrobe.

Consider style

As mentioned above, the style of your wardrobe goes a long way to ensuring your room embodies a cohesive aesthetic. Our super range features sleek modern options, including options with gloss finishes and traditional and quaint mirror doors.

What colours does our collection feature?

Available in neutral colours consisting of white, black, grey or natural wooden options, we're sure to feature your ideal wardrobe.

Do our wardrobes arrive fully assembled?

In order to ensure optimal safety and protection for your furniture, our wardrobes aren't delivered assembled. However, our clear instructions provide an easy and hassle-free set-up.

Free next working day delivery

Our in-stock items qualify for free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm), ensuring you can create your dream bedroom and find the right mirrored wardrobe for you at an affordable price. With equal emphasis on quality and durability, you can rely on any of our stylish mirrored wardrobes.

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