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How do I find the right mattress for me?

Consider sleeping position

Scoliosis affects sleep, and scoliosis-related pain can often relate to how you sleep. Whilst there are various types of scoliosis, the general advice is that sleeping flat on your back is the most effective and comfortable position. We usually recommend preferred back sleepers a firmer or extra firm mattress tension as this best supports healthy spinal alignment during the night. However, we recognise that sleepers with scoliosis may vary. This is why we suggest you try out multiple mattresses before purchasing a new one.

Try in-store

Mattress experts can help you decipher the right mattress to promote proper spinal alignment, adequate support and high sleep quality. It's easier to know what you might find comfortable by trying a range of mattresses. We recommend visiting your local Mattressman or bed store to explore different mattresses on the firmness scale.

Try different types of mattress

Different mattress types promote a variation of support or comfort qualities, emphasising the need to try each to ascertain which is most appropriate for how you sleep. Read on to discover what each mattress type has to offer.

Sprung mattress

There are two sprung mattresses: an open coil or a pocket sprung system. An open coil support core consists of a continuous wire that comprises the entire spring unit, running side to side to create the base. Typically, traditional open coil mattresses are either great budget options or are designed to be firmer mattresses. Many open coil sleeping solutions are considered orthopaedic, significant for pressure relief and supporting spinal alignment for back and stomach sleepers.

Also known for effectively relieving pressure points such as the shoulders, hips and joints, pocket sprung mattresses promote healthy spinal alignment. Pocket sprung mattresses are usually more expensive because the support is derived from several individual springs encased in their fabric pocket. Due to each spring moving independently, the mattress surface is designed to respond to your body where pressure is applied, moulding to the contours of your sleep positions.

Memory foam mattress

An all-foam mattress consists of multiple foam layers, including reflex or memory foam. Including a variation in foam firmness, its substantial pressure point relief makes for a comfortable orthopedic mattress. Comprising millions of tiny holes that release air when pressure is applied, memory foam isn't an excellent option for hot sleepers as there's limited breathability. If this isn't an issue, many people affected by scoliosis opt for memory foam mattresses as they offer adequate spinal support, pressure relief and comfort. If you're a hot sleeper, consider gel-infused memory foam instead. Its temperature regulation properties can help you keep cool yet comforted all night.

With all this being said, the best memory foam mattress for people affected by scoliosis is often combined with a sprung support unit, otherwise known as a hybrid mattress.

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress combines two types of mattresses together. Usually, this is a pocket sprung or open coil spring system combined with a layer of either memory foam, gel-infused foam or latex. Hybrid mattresses provide support from the spring system base but sumptuous comfort from the surface layer. Overall, this is a desirable option for anyone looking for a bed for scoliosis, ensuring you can get a good night's sleep for many years.

Gel-infused foam

As mentioned above, gel-infused memory foam is the best mattress for hot sleepers. Each mattress brand engineers and designs its cooling gel foam differently, but their enhanced breathability and temperature regulation are in common. Much like memory foam, gel foam layers absorb pressure to ensure your body weight is evenly distributed and you receive adequate pressure relief. Moreover, our gel foam options range in mattress firmness from medium to firmer, so you can find the best mattress for you and your needs.

Latex mattresses

Latex is a natural material that creates some of the most durable mattress options in the bed industry. Naturally breathable and temperature-regulating, latex mattresses have a similar feel to memory foam but are often considered more bouncy. Including soft, medium, medium firm mattresses and firmer mattress options, you can rely on a latex mattress to last over 10 years. However, because they're a more expensive luxury mattress option, please ensure the mattress firmness is appropriate for scoliosis-related pain.

What else should I consider?

When it comes to your sleeping solution, if you're affected by scoliosis, you can also consider the bedding you use. Sleeping on your back is recommended for people affected by scoliosis. However, if you are tempted to sleep on your side, consider using a C-shaped pillow. Also known as pregnancy pillows, they can consistently support your head, neck and lumbar region.

Why should I shop at Mattressman?

At Mattressman, we offer services that make your mattress delivery simple and convenient. Firstly, delivery is free, speedy and can come as soon as the next working day if you order before 4pm. At checkout, you can add our two-person delivery service. Our delivery team or couriers will transport the mattress to your bedroom of choice. Your purchase can be made even easier thanks to our recycling service, where we can take away your old mattress for £25 per item. This covers the transport cost, deconstructing the sleeping solution, and recycling or repurposing the materials. Therefore, you can rest easy on your brand-new mattress, knowing your old mattress was recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

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