Sustainability is paramount at Mattressman, and we’re proud that we have operated under a zero landfill policy for over seven years. While you may not have bought your last mattress or bed frame from us, we want to help you sustainably dispose of your current sleeping solution when you order with us. Discover how easy it can be to dispose of your old mattress in an eco-friendly way.

What is mattress recycling?

Mattress recycling is what it says on the tin. Mattresses are deconstructed, and each component is recycled or repurposed correctly. The National Bed Federation has found that only 19% of mattresses are recycled, so it’s evident that disposing of mattresses in landfill sites has become a real waste problem. Zero Waste Scotland has found that if all mattresses disposed of at landfills in one year are stacked up on top of each other, they would be 112 times taller than Ben Nevis – totalling 93 miles high. That’s a lot of unrecycled mattresses!

Recycling My Old Mattress

Your local council can collect mattresses, but this will probably end up in a landfill. A mattress takes 80-120 years to decompose in a landfill, which means that every bed you’ve slept on in your lifetime will likely outlive you. Instead, we aim for a more sustainable future by recycling our old mattresses when we upgrade to a new one.

How are mattresses recycled?

When delivering your new mattress, we will collect your old one. From here, we will transport the mattress to a recycling facility operated by TFR Group. Going through a production line, their team deconstruct the mattresses into 19 components. Once separated, they are sanitised and go through a quality control process.

Recycling My Old Mattress

Springs go through their exclusive pocket spring machine designed to separate steel and plastic polymers. Steel springs go to scrap metal merchants to be melted down and reused. Similarly, textiles are organised and sent for further processing in UK manufacturing. For example, fabrics and foam can be used as carpet underlay.

Overall, this supports a circular economy and contributes to the reusing of materials used in mattresses. Many of us can get a good night’s sleep knowing our old mattress was recycled rather than left in a landfill for decades.

How much does mattress recycling cost?

At Mattressman, we’re proud to offer one of the cheapest mattress recycling services at £30 per item. This means we can recycle furniture items too, such as your bed frame.

How do I know when I need a new mattress?

There are several ways of telling whether you need a new bed. Generally, if you’re increasingly disturbed throughout the night, visible deterioration like sagging, you wake up with aches and pains, and you can feel your partner move around in bed. If you’re allergic to dust mites, an old mattress may cause your symptoms to flare up. Airing your mattress regularly when you change your sheets and vacuum can help.

Recycling My Old Mattress

For more information, follow ‘5 Ways Of Telling It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress‘.

I’d rather donate my mattress to charity; what should I do?

Instead of recycling your mattress, you can donate instead. Several charities accept mattress donations; however, they must be in good condition and have their fire safety label.

Take advantage of Mattressman’s mattress recycling service

Recycle your mattress with us by adding our service at the checkout. Please input the corresponding number if you want to put more than one item up for collection.