Pioneered by a group of scientists, Dunlopillo latex foam was initially used for lots aside from mattresses when established in the 1920s. From padding for local trams, trains and aircraft, the first Dunlopillo latex mattress didn’t arrive until the 1940s.

What makes a Dunlopillo mattress?

Latex, latex, latex!

Every Dunlopillo mattress is comprised of latex, one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings. Not only this, but latex is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, featuring so many natural qualities that are appealing in a mattress. Often compared to memory foam, latex provides a body-moulding sleeping surface that’s breathable and a little bit bouncier than foam. Memory foam is known for its heat retention qualities and can often cause sleepers to feel too hot at night, yet with latex, this is completely avoided whilst retaining the closed-cell hypoallergenic structure.

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Latex tree

Ethical practices and environmentally-conscious

To Dunlopillo, it’s important to have their latex sourced from sustainably managed plantations, especially because a rubber tree only produces 27ml of latex a day. For a single mattress, it takes a rubber tree 500 days to produce enough. Because latex comes from rubber trees and it takes a particularly long time for just one tree to produce enough, it’s good to know that these trees are purifying 90 million tons of carbon dioxide every year at the same time. 

Dunlopillo Buying Guide

Durability like no other

Often you’ll hear companies or independent organisations say “replace your mattress every 8 years”. Generally, this is quite accurate as to when spring mattresses will deteriorate and begin to fail to support spine alignment and your body weight. However, when it comes to a latex mattress, the story is very different.

Known for their extreme durability, latex mattresses can last anywhere between 10-15 years. Some may last even longer than this, depending on the composition and depth of the mattress.

Dunlopillo Buying Guide

Is a latex mattress for me?

Firstly, due to the extensive process that goes behind harvesting natural latex, the price of such mattresses is usually more premium by comparison to others. If your mattress budget isn’t at around £1400 for a double size, then a Dunlopillo mattress isn’t going to be for you.

Next, Dunlopillo exclusively stocks either medium or firmer mattress supports.

  • Medium: best designed for side sleepers, a medium tension mattress can provide cushioning to pressure points when sleeping in this position, the hips and shoulders. In turn, this promotes healthy spine alignment as you sleep. Lastly, such tension is great for lighter to average statures as it can adequately support your body weight.
  • Firmer: alternatively, a firmer tension is brilliant for back or front sleepers and promotes healthy spine alignment in these positions. What’s more, average and heavier statures will have their body weight supported and evenly distributed on a firmer support mattress.
Dunlopillo Buying Guide