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whats the difference between latex and memory foam mattresses

One’s natural, the other synthetic. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and because foam mattresses are currently all the rage, it is important you delve into these pros and cons before you make your decision on which one to opt for.

What are they?


One of the most natural types of mattress, latex foam is constructed by whipping the sap from a rubber tree where latex famously comes from. Next, it is baked into a foam which shapes it into a mattress form.

Memory foam

By comparison, memory foam is derived from chemical processes to create a spongy, aerated foam structure. Memory foam works when pressure is applied and air seeps out of millions of tiny holes of which the mattress structure is comprised, allowing the surface to mould to the contours of your body. 

The polyurethane-based foam is commonly known as visco-elastic foam, which you may be surprised to find out was originally pioneered by NASA to be used in space shuttles.

Benefits and drawbacks


? Latex is more resilient than memory foam, meaning it will deteriorate slower and be around for longer.

? Latex mattresses provide more bounce and mobility when compared to memory foam. This helps when you’re moving around at night because you aren’t so sunken into your sleeping position, so you are free to roll around more. 

? Latex is a cool sleep, meaning your body heat dissipates faster and is certainly more breathable than memory foam. This makes it a great option for those who sleep hot.

? Because latex is bouncier, it may not be the best option for people who share a bed. This is because you can feel your partner moving around throughout the night.

? Latex mattresses are more expensive than most options, and this comes down to the time a rubber tree takes to produce enough latex for one mattress alone. For those looking for an inexpensive sleeping solution, this may not be the way to go.

Memory foam

? Great at contouring to your body and pressure relief. If you’re looking for something to mould to the curves of your body entirely, a memory foam mattress will be able to do this best. This also makes memory foam a great option for side sleepers who need extra cushioning around the shoulders and hips to have healthy spine alignment.

? More affordable than latex options, as there’s considerably less time in
manufacturing a memory foam sleeping solution than latex.

? Due to the tiny holes it’s comprised of, memory foam absorbs and retains a lot of your body heat throughout the night. This makes it a fairly hot sleep and maybe not the best option if you’re sharing a bed with a partner.

? If you like to roll around at the night, you may find that memory foam feels like it traps you in your position as you’ve sunk into the mattress.

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