Beyond comfort, practicality and support, deciding which bed frame you opt for will most likely revolve around style. With bed frames often the largest furniture within the room, the best way to represent the room’s vision and aesthetic is through the bed. In this blog, we outline what bed styles often feature in contemporary settings and whether these beds are a suitable match for your room.  

What Bed Frames Are In Style?

So, what bed frames are in style?

Rattan headboards and fabric upholstery are what spring to mind when it comes to stylish bed frames. These beds differ in appearance, but both represent distinctive contemporary styles. 

Fabric upholstery

Whilst fabric bed frames are currently in style, they also showcase a timeless elegance and could be a good match for traditional settings. However, these beds are tailor-made for contemporary settings and are sure to add an elegant and glamorous touch. If you’re looking for a statement furnishing, a fabric bed is the way to go; what’s more, fabric beds are also fantastic if you’d like to soften a vibrant and bold layout. Of course, one of the main appeals of these beds is comfort, with the fabric headboard serving as a comfortable backrest. 

Another reason we love upholstered bed frames is for the seemingly endless opportunities they represent. For instance, at Mattressman, our extensive collection features bed frames varying in colour from neutral options, such as silver and grey, to more bold and vibrant options, including pink, green and yellow. With this in mind, we’re confident we feature a bed frame perfectly suited for your bedroom. 


Rattan is better known for its association with outdoor furniture; however, rattan bed frames have proven increasingly popular in recent years and for good reasons. Rattan furnishings add noticeable elegance and character to wherever they reside without overpowering their surroundings. For these reasons, rattan or rattan-effect beds are often described as possessing a subtle beauty. The beautiful natural material and intrinsic detailing ensure a rattan bed frame will seamlessly integrate into your bedroom. 

If you want to create an atmosphere and aesthetic that screams out a boho or coastal vibe and reinforces the beauty of natural furnishings, rattan is the way to go. As Glamour explains, ‘whether you want to layer them in symmetrical, Scandi-style pillows, or coordinate them with your ever-burgeoning house plant collection, there’s certainly a rattan bed frame for you.’

What Bed Frames Are In Style?

Other notable mentions

Other notable mentions include our collection of glamorous metal bed frames and our painted wooden options, which blur the lines between traditional and contemporary bed frames. Of course, style is subjective, and we’re firm believers that you prioritise how well your preferred bed integrates into your room before considering whether the bed is in style. 

Is a modern bed frame the right option for my room?

A common mistake to avoid is looking at the bed in isolation instead of considering how well it will suit your bedroom.

 This isn’t to say the bed frame you have your eye on isn’t beautiful; however, it may not be a suitable match for your bedroom. For instance, a natural and rustic wooden bed frame is likely unsuitable for a chic and minimalist bedroom with a white colour scheme. Similarly, there are likely better-suited options for traditional settings than plush fabric bed frames. With the bed commonly the most prominent furnishing in the room, ensuring it aligns with the room’s layout and style to ensure a cohesive aesthetic is essential. 

How to define a modern bedroom

It can be difficult to determine whether your bedroom adopts a modern style, with the terms ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ being blanket terms for various styles and aesthetics. However, we usually find that modern bedrooms are characterised by a subtle beauty consisting of minimalist furniture and decor and neutral colour schemes. White, grey and black are particularly popular in contemporary settings. 

What Bed Frames Are In Style?

Find your next bed with Mattressman

With bed frames to suit all styles, practical needs and budgets, we’re sure to feature your dream bed. Our user-friendly websites allow you to narrow your search to upholstered beds and apply filters such as price and brand. Regarding rattan, our Croxley and Leonia bed frames from Birlea have proven popular.