What is an ottoman bed?

You’re on the search for a stylish new bed frame and you keep seeing ottoman beds pop up – but what actually are they?

Ottomans are a combination of furnishing and a storage solution. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, an ottoman was typically a wooden storage chest that doubled up as a table or footstool.

Since being brought to Europe over the 18th century, this evolved to encompass a range of furnishings that could be used as storage, which is how the ottoman bed came to be. Modern-day ottoman beds involve gas-lift pistons to help elevate your mattress and use the space under as storage.

Types of ottoman bed

There are two main types of ottoman bed which are differentiated through how you access the under-bed storage:

  • End lift ottoman: With the name giving it away slightly, the storage can be reached by lifting the mattress at the foot end of the bed. There is usually a catch or handle to use in order to lift it, and also helps keep the mattress in place too.
  • Side lift ottoman: Again, this type of ottoman means you access the storage by lifting the mattress from the side of the bed. When browsing for this kind of bed, check to see which side the ottoman lifts from and whether that’s convenient for the layout of your bedroom.

Sizes of ottoman bed

Here at Mattressman, you can find ottoman beds of a range of sizes from single all the way to super king. We will list their dimensions below:

  • Single: 3’0” wide and 6’3” long or 90cm by 190cm.
  • Small double: 4’0” wide and 6’3” long or 120cm by 190cm.
  • Double: 4’6” wide and 6’3” long or 135cm by 190cm.
  • King size: 5’0” wide and 6’3” long or 150cm by 190cm.
  • Super king size: 6’0” wide and 6’6” long or 180cm by 200cm.

These do not include extra length or width added on due to headboards or foot ends.

Benefits of an ottoman bed

There are so many fantastic advantages to ottoman’s over standard bed frames, and here’s why:

  • Storage: no matter what size ottoman you get, the whole under-bed space can be used to store whatever you see fit, from shoes, clothes, sheets, extra pillows, and so much more. Certainly, this is by far the greatest benefit of an ottoman bed, which is particularly great for homes that need additional storage.
  • Durable: Designed to be functional and practical, many manufacturers keep quality in mind. When browsing for an ottoman, be sure to check the materials the manufacturer has used before purchasing. Quality materials ensure that an ottoman will stand the test of time.
  • Simple construction: Our trusted manufacturers make assembly an easy process for you, labelling various fixings and tools needed alongside simple-to-follow instructions.

Styles of an ottoman bed

You can rely on Mattressman’s range of ottoman beds to find the one that meets the exact bedroom aesthetic you want or have. Here are our main styles:

  • Upholstered/fabric: Featuring a range of materials and styles, our fabric ottoman range includes pewter, velvet, crushed velvet and so many more materials. These fabrics also showcase a variety of colour schemes and headboard styles so you can find the style that suits your aesthetic.
  • Wooden: Most of our wooden ottoman range utilise rubberwood, a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to wood furnishings. This is because the rubber tree (the kind that produces latex) is only cut down when the maximum amount of latex is harvested, approximately after 28 years. Our wooden ottoman options have a natural or painted finish so they can match a variety of bedroom styles.
  • Leather: Showcasing faux leather ottomans, our options come in either black, brown or white. The easiest kind to clean and look after, our leather options are a popular choice.

Things to consider before buying

  • Weight of mattress: Some ottomans have a maximum weight capacity because the gas piston system must be able to hold the mattress weight when accessing the storage. Pocket sprung mattresses tend to be the heaviest kind, but before purchasing ensure your mattress is light enough for a particular ottoman.
  • Size of bedroom: Using the general dimensions above for each ottoman size, as well as the dimensions stated of a particular ottoman you’re interested in, ensure that your bedroom has enough space to accommodate the sleeping solution.