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Super king mattress size

Of the standard mattresses we stock, the super king is the largest mattress size available. The dimensions of our super king size mattresses measure 6'0" wide by 6'6" long or 180cm x 200cm, perfect for larger bedrooms.

King v super king mattresses

If your room is large enough to accommodate a king size bed, you're likely to have the luxury of deciding between a king and super king bed and mattress. Both beds represent incredibly spacious sleeping options, it all depends on whether you prioritise greater floor space over a large bed or vice-versa. Additionally, you may find the extra sleeping space that a super king mattress offers unnecessary.

What's the right mattress firmness for me?

Finding the right super king size mattress that supports you all night long depends on what sleeping position you prefer to sleep in. Read on to find out what type of mattress tension offers exceptional support and promotes spinal alignment for how you sleep.

"I prefer to sleep on my side"

For those who prefer to sleep on their side, we recommend a soft or medium support tension super king mattress. Sleeping solutions on the softer end of the spectrum will cushion pressure points such as the shoulders and hips, ensuring healthy spinal alignment for a restful night's sleep. Shop our soft and medium super king mattresses and be on your way to a great night's sleep.

"I'm a front/back sleeper"

Alternatively, preferred front or back sleepers require a firm or extra firm support tension. A super king mattress with either tension will ensure healthy spine alignment whilst you sleep and total body support and pressure relief. A firm mattress will suffice for either preferred sleeping position. However, suppose you suffer from joint or back pain. In that case, the extra firm super king mattresses will provide the support needed to combat pain. Please browse our range and shop for a firmer super king mattress that will provide the extra support and pressure relief you need throughout the night.

"I sleep in all positions"

Lastly, if you sleep on your side, front, and back in the night, then a medium firm super king size mattress is best designed for you. Medium firm support will ensure the sleeping surface is firm enough to support you whilst sleeping on your back or front and not too soft to do so when you're on your side. Shop our medium firm options to find the best super king mattress for how you sleep.

What types of super king mattresses do we stock?

Pocket sprung

A pocket sprung super king mattress comprises independently moving springs encased in their fabric pocket. Because each spring moves individually, the mattress surface can respond to your body weight and move with the contours of your body shape. This is fantastic for pressure relief and tailored support. Shop our super king mattresses with pocket springs to find the option that will supply many years of good night's sleep.

Open coil

Look no further than our range of open coil options for a super king-size mattress on a budget. Comprised of a continuous wire that runs up and down the length of the mattress, open coil mattresses are cost-effective and are brilliant choices for firmer or orthopaedic support.

Memory foam

memory foam mattress is undoubtedly one of the market's most popular super king mattresses. Memory foam comprises millions of holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, allowing the surface to mould to the contours of your body's shape as you sleep. Due to memory foam composition, the material retains heat very well, which should be avoided by those who get too hot at night. Like memory foam, reflex foam offers a sleep surface that moulds your body shape but doesn't have strong heat retention properties.


Of all the mattresses we stock, our latex super king mattresses are the most durable. Comprised of latex derived from rubber trees, the open cell structure of the latex mattress ensures body moulding properties and a breathable sleeping surface that provides excellent support. Our latex super king mattresses are undoubtedly worth investing in as they are designed to last over 10 years. As mentioned above, if you're looking for the comfort of memory foam yet sleep hot, it's probably best to avoid a super king memory foam bed. Instead, consider a latex mattress and ensure your night's sleep isn't influenced by the season.


Suppose you're torn between a super king mattress with springs, foam or natural materials. In that case, the best super king mattress is a hybrid option. A hybrid mattress combines pocket springs or an open coil spring system with memory foam, reflex foam, latex, geltex or any other comfort layer. Therefore, you can reap the benefits of both super king beds.

What mattress fillings are right for me?

Synthetic fillings

If you're affected by hay fever or dust mite allergies, opt for a super king mattress with synthetic or polyester fibre fillings. Unlike natural materials, polyester fibres have tight pore sizes, which make it difficult for dust mites to move through and build up in the mattress. This means you can get a great night's sleep for years with a super king mattress filled with synthetic materials.

Natural material

At Mattressman, we are proud to stock a large variety of natural filling types. A mattress can include cotton, wool, alpaca, mohair, lambswool, cashmere and silk. Some of their benefits include temperature regulation, wicking away excess moisture, insulation, absorption, durability and softness. Whilst many of our natural fillings have breathable properties, too, they are not hypoallergenic. The pore sizes of these fibres are much larger than polyester fillings, making it much easier for dust mites to pass through and build up. Therefore, a super king size mattress that has incorporated natural fillings is not best designed for allergy sufferers.

Shopping for a super king mattress

When you're looking for a new super king mattress, ensuring you have a suitable super king bed is paramount. Suppose you need a super king size bed frame. In that case, you can shop our fantastic range, including upholstered, metal, leather, wooden and ottoman choices. If you want a simple delivery process, many super king size mattresses arrive rolled up and vacuum-packed. The bed is compressed, rolled up and sealed in vacuum-packed packaging so you can easily manoeuvre the mattress to the bedroom of your choice.

Zip and link super king mattress options

Zip and link options aren't always common knowledge, but nevertheless, they are game changers, especially if you'd like the option of separating your mattress into two single mattresses at any given time.

Explore our divan options

Alternatively, take advantage of our fantastic divan builder if you're looking to create your dream sleeping solution. Customise your bed base, courtesy of a variety of fabric finishes and storage configurations to choose from. Whether you opt for a super king size bed and mattress or a base-only option, the choice is entirely yours.

Enhance your existing mattress

If you're perfectly happy with your existing mattress but you're seeking additional comfort, consider a super king mattress topper. A mattress topper is fantastic at enhancing a mattress's comfort and support levels.

Shopping with Mattressman

When you shop at Mattressman, you can also make the most of our next working day's free delivery on in-stock super king mattresses. Shop our super king mattresses to find the new bed designed for how you sleep, all whilst making the most of our fast delivery. We also offer a disposal recycling service at checkout. This means we can remove old bed frames or mattresses and recycle the materials properly.

60-night sleep trial

Ordering a mattress online can be challenging, and with this in mind our entire collection of super king mattresses qualify for a 60-night sleep trial provided they're purchased alongside a mattress protector. With this in mind, not only does a super king mattress protector from our extensive collection ensure your mattress remains in fantastic condition, but it also provides peace of mind and an extended window to test your mattress.

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