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What types of one-sided mattresses do we stock?

Single-sided mattresses are more common than double-sided mattresses because they allow for more comfort layer varieties. Please continue to read below to learn about our no-flip mattress range.

Pocket sprung mattress

Our most popular single-sided mattress in the Mattressman range is a pocket spring mattress made up of individually-moving springs encased in a fabric pocket. No matter the support tension you use, pocket sprung mattresses provide tailored support with little maintenance. They are often used as the primary support system in our hybrid mattress range and make great two-sided mattresses.

Open coil mattress

The other option for our sprung mattresses is the open coil or innerspring mattress. Comprising a continuous coil that runs through the entirety of the spring cage, the supportive coil system usually features firmer or extra firm support tensions. It is a popular option for single-sided and traditional double-sided mattresses. These conventional mattresses are great budget options and super easy to care for, as you only have to rotate them every few months to maintain longevity.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses often combine a sprung system with a comfort layer like foam, Geltex or natural latex. These modern mattresses are brilliant for achieving unparalleled support from the spring unit and comfort from the surface layer, much like including an in-built mattress topper into the sleeping solution. Due to this comfort layer, a hybrid mattress is a one-sided mattress.

Memory foam mattress

Whether it's included in all-foam mattresses or acts as the comfort layer on hybrid mattresses, memory foam is known for its pressure-relieving, body-moulding comfort. Because it comprises millions of tiny holes that seep air when pressure is applied, there is minimal airflow that shouldn't be considered for people who sleep hot. Not commonly found as part of flippable mattresses, the foam acts best on single-sided mattresses to avoid wear and tear, maintaining its outstanding properties for longer.

Pillow top mattress

If you like to float on a cloud whilst in bed, a mattress with a pillow top layer is what you're looking for. This cushioned layer is usually filled with natural fibres that aid temperature regulation, moisture control and softness, and sumptuous comfort. Because a pillow top is only on one side, they don't make for an excellent flippable mattress. To ensure the fibres maintain their shape for longer, rotate the mattress regularly.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are known for their extreme durability, with many lasting over 10 years without the need to be flipped. The perfect bed for anyone looking for a natural option, latex mirrors many memory or reflex foam qualities. Still, it offers excellent breathability, temperature regulation and moisture control. Dunlopillo includes unparalleled all-latex mattresses, whereas many others have incorporated latex into their sleeping solutions as a comfort layer.

Types of two-sided mattress

Pocket springs

Mattresses with pocket springs are incredibly versatile and make magnificent two-sided mattresses too. You can regularly flip them with a double-sided option to expand their longevity. However, their performance is sublime nevertheless in single-sided mattresses. Who would have known?

Open coil

Similarly, due to the symmetrical nature of an open coil spring system, they can provide a good night's sleep in their two-sided mattress form. A quality product through and through, you can rely on their excellent value, whether it's a simply rotating mattress or a no-turn mattress.

What mattress firmness levels are available in our one-sided mattress range?

Everyone sleeps differently, so our one-sided mattress range encapsulates every firmness. With a support tension for everyone, choose from softer, medium, medium firm, firmer and extra firm levels. Which support tension is correct for you? Explore our 'What Mattress Tension Do I need?' blog.

Sizes available for one-sided mattresses

Our single-sided mattress range includes every standard UK size, so you can be sure to find the mattress that fits in your existing or new bed frame. From a small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm), super king size (180 x 200cm), king zip and link (2x 75 x 200cm) or super zip and link (2x 90 x 200cm).

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