With a seemingly endless number of mattresses on the market, you’d be forgiven for feeling a tad overwhelmed. As the Consumer Reports explains ‘Mattresses are a blind purchase: They all look the same, and the features that distinguish one from another are sealed inside, making it difficult for you to know exactly what you’re buying.’ Our latest blog details the differences between two popular mattress types, helping you decide on whether a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress is ideal for you.

What are these two mattress types?

Pocket springs and memory foam refer to the mattress’s composition and where the majority of the comfort and support emanates from.

Pocket springs

Unlike open coil mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses feature a series of springs that react individually in accordance with body movements, helping to relieve pressure and target any minor aches and pains. It’s worth noting that because each spring reacts independently from one another, any movement elsewhere on the bed will have minimal influence on your sleep. With this in mind, pocket sprung mattresses are ideal for anyone sharing a bed.

Pocket Sprung Or Memory Foam : Settling On The Right Mattress

Memory foam

With a memory foam mattress, your body will create impressions on the mattress’s surface as you lay down. These mattresses are recognised for their sumptuous body-moulding support, providing a wonderful sink-in-sensation. The majority of memory foam mattresses either include pocket springs or different types of foam that act as support layers.

Pocket Sprung Or Memory Foam : Settling On The Right Mattress

Both mattress types ensure tailored support and provide the basis for better sleep quality. So when deciding on which mattress type is best for you, it comes down to preference. Pocket sprung mattresses are regarded as more reactive whereas memory foam allows for that sink in sensation as discussed earlier.

Whether you tend to sleep hot at night is another important consideration. Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their heat retention properties and therefore may be unsuitable if you’re prone to feeling hot throughout the night. If your heart is set on memory foam but you’d like a cooler alternative consider our latex or gel foam range. These mattress types offer a similar bounce-back reaction yet are better at regulating temperature throughout the night.

Why is it so important to find the right mattress?

Your body stature and sleeping position among other factors go a ling way to determining which mattress is the best fit for you. To help narrow your search; choose a soft or medium mattress if you’re a side sleeper or a firm or extra firm mattress if you sleep on your front or back. For anyone who changes how they sleep throughout the night, a medium firm mattress is ideal. If your mattress isn’t suitable for how you sleep, you could experience lower back pain or reinforce a poor sleeping posture.

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