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Who hasn’t dreamed of a little extra leg room to roll about on, or even make star shapes in the bed. If you have ever had the luxury of a King Size bed in a hotel room or on holiday, you’ll know those big beds are like laying on gigantic clouds. If it’s something you have space for in your bedroom at home it’s well worth investing in your very own King Size mattress.

What size is a King Size Mattress?

It may seem obvious, but the first thing to check will be if your bedroom can accommodate a King Size mattress. The standard measurement for a King Size Mattress is 150cm or 5ft wide allowing you lots of extra room to move around during your nights’ sleep. If your partner is a night time fidget a King Size mattress enables you to sleep in whatever position you choose without affecting the other person, allowing you to both sleep in peace. It is also worth remembering that when you are checking the size of your bedroom, allow a little extra on each side to take into account the size of the bed frame the King Size mattress will have to lay on as this will make the overall dimension a little wider than just the mattress.

Different King Size Mattress Types

Most King Size mattresses are made in three main styles; traditional spring, pocket spring and also memory foam. The most affordable style of King Size mattress is the traditional spring design. This makes it an ideal choice for those on a smaller budget or those trying out a King Size mattress for the first time but don’t be misled into thinking that means the quality is less, they are more often than not hand tufted and have strengthened edging. This style of King Size mattress is good if you struggle with sleeping pains or back-ache, as they are available in medium to very firm options which is ideal if you require additional support for your spine. Pocket Spring King Size Mattresses are a very popular choice for design and build. The collection of springs provides great support throughout your sleep. These springs move independently which allows the mattress to respond to your movements and sleeping position through the night. The construction of the mattresses means that these pocket spring versions tend not to be as warm as other kinds of mattress which can help with keeping cooler at night if you have a tendency to get overheated when asleep. If you need a King Size mattress that offers help with a variety of sleep related health issues, memory foam could be the mattress for you. It’s great for keeping you comfortable all night and makes for a very sound sleep. King Size Memory Foam Mattresses have been growing in popularity because they feature advanced technology internally that responds to your individual sleeping position, softening and contouring to the shape of your body as you lay down and make contact with the mattress.