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How big is a king size mattress?

Our second largest mattress is great for anyone who likes to sprawl out all night or shares a bed with a partner. A king size mattress measures at 5’0” in width by 6’3” in length or 150cm by 190cm. To view any other mattress sizes, use our filters above to change the search results.

What brands of king size mattresses do we stock?

At Mattressman, we stock a wide array of trusted manufacturers and brands that have been in the mattress industry anywhere from decades to centuries. Including Silentnight, Hypnos, Relyon, Sealy, Sleepeezee, British Bed Company, JAY-BE, Shire Beds, Snuggle Beds and so many more. With this, some of these brands have received awards for their knowledge and craftsmanship for mattresses, of which the highest accolade is the Royal Warrant. Incorporating mattresses good enough for the royal family in our range, we are sure you can find the best king size mattress to provide the ultimate night's sleep.

What is the right firmness ratings for me?

Finding the right mattress tension essentially boils down to what your preferred sleeping position is. There's a mattress firmness for everyone in our range of king size mattresses.

'I sleep in all positions'

If you can't keep still at night, a medium firm mattress is the mattress firmness for you. Neither too soft nor too firm for any sleeping position, you will be adequately supported all night long and promotes healthy spine alignment.

'I prefer to sleep on my side'

For a preferred side sleeper, a soft or medium king size mattress will provide cushioning to pressure points such as your shoulders and hips to keep your spine aligned in a healthy position and promote good posture.

'I sleep on my back/front'

Our range of king size mattresses has options that prefer to sleep on their back or front. Usually, a firm mattress will ensure your back is properly supported throughout the night, however, if you suffer from joint or back pain, an extra firm mattress will supply the additional support you need. If you suffer from back pain and prefer to sleep on your front, you should avoid doing so as it can place extra strain on your lower back.

What types of king size mattresses are there?

Stocking a large variety of mattress types, we are sure you can find the right king size mattress for you here.

Traditional spring mattresses

Pocket sprung mattress

One of our most popular kinds of king size mattresses, our pocket spring options are comprised of individually moving springs encased in fabric. Not only does this ensure the mattress surface moves with the contours of your body, but supplies total body support and even weight distribution. Shop our king size mattresses today to find the perfect sleeping solution for you.

Open coil

An open coil king size mattress spring system is comprised of a continuous wire that runs vertically down the bed. Known for being a cheap king size mattress and a great budget option, they are quality mattresses that can provide brilliant firm support for years to come. This is why the best open coil king size mattresses are for preferred back or front sleepers.

Other types

Memory foam mattress

A popular choice for a sleeper who prefers a king mattress that can mould to the contours of your body whilst you sleep, a memory foam mattress can certainly be the way for you to go. Memory foam is comprised of millions of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, allowing the king size mattress to provide great support, pressure relief and extra comfort. This is why memory foam is fantastic for many kinds of sleeping position.


Similar to a memory foam king size mattress, latex offers a responsive sleeping surface comprised of natural latex. Known for its unparalleled durability, latex is comprised of an open cell structure that provides a bouncier, yet can still mould to your body shape, surface for you to sleep on. With many latex sleeping solutions known for lasting over 10 years, it's no wonder why they can be referred to as the best king size mattress.


Can't decide between a traditional spring mattress, foam or natural materials? Look no further than our range of hybrid king size mattresses. Combining either a pocket sprung or open coil spring system with memory foam, latex or other natural king size mattresses, you can benefit from the support of a spring mattress and an array of other advantages from other comfort layers. Shop our range of affordable hybrid king size mattress options to find your perfect choice today.

Are there any other mattress benefits?

Our ranges of king size mattresses incorporate advanced technology such as Geltex, gel foam, comfort foams and natural materials that are worth investing in. Geltex is known for temperature regulation, so if you feel hot throughout the night, Geltex is great to keep your body temperature comfortable all night long. Natural fillings also have many benefits such as temperature regulation, breathability, insulation and softness, adding unparalleled comfort to the sleeping solution. Hand tufted mattresses are brilliant for ensuring fillings are in place and the tension remains in a mattress for many years to come.