Whether it’s a wardrobe, a chest of drawers or any other mainstay, furniture is integral to any bedroom from a style and practical stance. We’ve found bedroom furniture sets incredibly popular, and for many, these sets are more suitable alternatives to mixing and matching separate furniture. In this blog, we outline the appeal of bedroom furniture sets and how they can help transform your bedroom. 

Bedroom Furniture Sets: Why Are They So Popular?

What is a bedroom furniture set?

As the name suggests, a bedroom furniture set comprises a collection of matching bedroom furniture. These sets usually consist of a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a bedside chest

Do I need bedroom furniture?

In theory, you don’t actually need bedroom furniture; however, it’s highly recommended, and you’d be hard-pressed to come across a room without any. Bedroom furniture allows for a tidy and organised bedroom and accommodates your bedding, clothes, and possessions. For instance, a wardrobe provides a convenient central location for any clothes or garments that require hanging; similarly, a chest of drawers is the perfect place to store your folded clothes. Bedside tables are incredibly useful as they ensure all your nighttime possessions, such as your phone, alarm clock or novel, can easily be stored away from the comfort of your bed and are within easy reach at any given time.

Research outlines the importance of the bedroom as the room is ‘a reflection of your mind’; therefore, a clean and tidy room will ‘help you focus on many things, such as studying, doing your professional work, or even just thinking about your relationships.’ Suitable furniture is likely to be the reason behind a tidy bedroom that promotes a relaxing atmosphere and place of retreat. 

What is the appeal of a bedroom furniture set?

Cohesive aesthetic

Bedroom furniture sets are specifically designed to be paired together; therefore, you can rely on the furniture not to clash. With bedroom furniture sets, there is ‘no need to make stressful decisions on which separate pieces to buy’. In contrast, it can be challenging to assess whether your potential purchase will be a suitable match for your room when purchasing individual furnishings and we find that this can sometimes result in a disjointed aesthetic. 

Bedroom Furniture Sets: Why Are They So Popular?


As you’re essentially ‘buying in bulk’, it’s likely that your bedroom furniture set will be cheaper than purchasing a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table separately. 

Rely on Mattressman

We’re confident we can kit out your bedroom in style. Our sets include bedside tables, wardrobes and a chest of drawers, with our collection’s practicality as impressive as its style. 

Contrasting styles

From traditional styles such as our beautiful rustic oak effect options to more contemporary pieces comprising chic aesthetics, Mattressman features furniture tailor-made for your bedroom. Moreover, the choice is yours between an understated and more vibrant style courtesy of the array of colours. For example, our pink and light blue sets are fantastic if you’re looking for bright and vibrant additions, whereas our white, cream, black and grey sets possess a more subtle beauty.