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How does a zip-and-link mattress work?

The way that zip and link mattresses work is given away in their name. Essentially, they consist of two separate beds that can be linked together using a zip. A super king size zip and link mattress comprises two single mattresses (90 x 200cm) and becomes a super king mattress when joined together (180 x 200cm). Ideal when combined with a divan bed, you can easily transition between a super king size mattress and two single mattresses. Combining two mattresses/single beds into one zip-link mattress makes them an excellent option for guest bedrooms.

Zip and link beds are usually found as hotel mattresses. They have many benefits, such as varying firmness on either side of the mattress. So if you and your partner have different sleep preferences, your side of the bed can be best designed for how you sleep. If you wish for varying firmnesses on zip and link mattresses, contact us at 0333 577 5773. If it's 2 single beds together you 're looking for, with the luxury of choosing between a super king or two single beds you're after, our range is sure to cater to your needs.

What types of zip and link mattresses do we stock?

Here at Mattressman, we feature an extensive array of zip and link mattresses that are good for many different sleepers. We showcase zip and link mattresses that feature softer, medium, medium firm, firmer and extra firm support tensions, so there's something for every sleeper.

Pocket sprung

One of our most popular forms of zip link mattresses, pocket springs make for an ideal choice for this type of super king zip and link mattress. Each pocket spring moves independently of one another, providing you with body-moulding support that promotes even weight distribution and healthy spine alignment.

Open coil

Similarly, we offer open coil super king zip and link mattresses, making for a better budget option. Comprised of a continuous wire that forms the spring unit, this is much cheaper to produce than pocket springs yet still offers fantastic support and a range of comfort preferences. Open coil mattresses are usually prone to 'roll-together' where the sleeping solution will sag in the middle over time. However, a super king size zip and link mattress will avoid this issue due to being two mattresses.

Other types

Aside from our traditional spring options, we also feature super king size zip and link mattresses with mattress compositions such as memory foam, latex, Geltex and hybrid options. Memory foam is a brilliant zip-and-link mattress for anyone who loves the body-moulding, 'sink-in' feeling that memory foam is known for. Latex and Geltex zip link mattresses offer similar qualities but are much more breathable and cooling. If two single beds that zip together are what you're looking for, you can rely on our affordable collection.

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