How To Design A Large Bedroom

Why should I pay attention to the bedroom? 

Often referred to as sanctuaries, there is much to be said for making your bedroom a relaxing space.

With the stresses of day-to-day life, the bedroom should represent a place of quiet retreat, somewhere to switch off from the outside world and unwind.  

Having that constant of your own-get away can provide solace through difficult periods. 

Transform a tired-looking bedroom into one that encompasses tranquillity and a soothing atmosphere. After all, it is the bedroom in which we spend ? of our lives. 

What is the effect of a cluttered bedroom?

A bedroom’s decor and aesthetic are subjective. If you are happy with your room layout and design, that is all that matters.

 However, a poor room layout can result in a messy bedroom. Have you ever found yourself standing in the doorway of your bedroom, thinking, ‘this needs tidying?’. According to reports, people with clutter taking up space in their bedrooms will take longer to fall asleep than those with clean and tidy rooms.

How To Design A Large Bedroom

How to use a wooden aesthetic to your advantage

Wood, be it in the format of small trinkets or large, robust ornaments, can make your room feel authentic and rustic. Furthermore, wood conveys warmth and can create a homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Opting for wood with a neutral finish, perhaps oak or hazelnut, offers versatility and seamlessly fits into any room. 


Desks are a fantastic addition to large bedrooms. Due to their robust and large nature, they require ample space and can add character to the room and minimise any space. 

A rustic desk that incorporates a classic design offers a timeless aesthetic and adds warmth to a room. 


Bold and uncompromising and, above all else, elegant, a wooden or wooden-effect wardrobe epitomises beauty and captures the room’s attention. 

Use your bed as the room’s centrepiece

As the bed is likely the most significant piece of furniture in your room, it makes sense to make a bold statement and invest in a king size or super king size bed. The bed must represent the character and aesthetics of the room. 

If you’re struggling to fill the space, moving your bed towards the centre of the room may be worthwhile, ensuring any unoccupied space is accounted for and reinforcing the bed as the room’s marvellous centrepiece. 

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Bed Decor

A frail and weary duvet risks diverting attention away from the room’s elegance. Therefore, it isn’t just the bed that you should consider, but the decor of the bed too. 

Simple additions such as throws and plush pillows can make your room feel cosier without costing a fortune. 

Add a personal touch to the room 

If you’re looking to make subtle changes or require a more budget-friendly makeover, smaller furnishings such as bedside chests and stools are a viable option. 

The advantage of smaller furniture is that it’s easy to manoeuvre and tailor to your bedroom, such is the ease of accommodating smaller furnishings into your room layout. Furthermore, buying a few smaller ornaments allows you to sparsely place your furniture across the room, allowing for a balanced aesthetic.  

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Lower your paintings

As trivial as it may sound, lowering your paintings a few inches gives off the impression of a lower ceiling. This is beneficial if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the size of your room. 

Carefully consider your choice of colours

It’s important to remain consistent with your choice of colour to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. For instance, red next to green would cause disparity. However, this isn’t to say you have to stick to a monochromatic colour scheme, as a cohesive room is obtainable by finding a room layout that is easy on the eye. 

There are a whole host of different colours that suit one another.

Light grey with warm tones

Warm, earthy tones like mustard yellow pair beautifully with light grey, as the grey, can tone down the vibrancy of yellows, whereas the yellows can give cool-toned greys a lift. 

Soft pink and white

Soft pink and white are two neutral and light colours that complement one another seamlessly. The white represents simplicity, while the pink adds character and vibrancy. 

Orange and brown

For an autumnal aesthetic, orange and brown are a tremendous match. A cosy and warm room is guaranteed with orange, auburn, and rust notes. 

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