Keeping colour schemes current has always been a must for designers, as well as keen homemakers, and fortunately for us, Pantone® has just released 2018’s Colour of the Year, putting decor, design and home makeovers on many people’s radars. So, with January being the best month to pick up your tools and get started, is there anything that you need to consider before you get cracking?

DIY and renovations might be on the agenda for you this year, but you may want to break out the colour wheel along with the paintbrushes and power tools. Why? Well, did you know that the colour of your bedroom plays a part in the quality of your sleep?

Studies show that it is crucial to keep your bedroom looking inviting and therefore, just as you would prepare the main rooms of your house for guests, your bedroom should be equally as welcoming and a place for you to relax at the end of the day. The bedroom is also where you kip, so making sure your decor doesn’t disrupt the main purpose of the room is incredibly important.

But how do you make all of this happen? With the right choice of colour, of course!

Decorating is largely down to personal taste, which means that what would be considered calming or inviting by you might not be by someone else. However, there are some colours that are better suited to decorating your bedroom, and you may want to keep these in mind.

In the design world, soft and muted tones such as light blues, pastel pinks or even greys are said to be relaxing, whereas much brighter tones like zesty oranges, greens and yellows are thought to be stimulating. So, if you are thinking of painting your walls a new colour, opting for a lighter shade may be the best option for you.

Having said that, if bright colours are your thing, remember that accessories and soft furnishings are perfect for adding colour to your room, so consider keeping the walls plain and then adding accents of your favourite colour on top with the use of cushions and throws. Keeping it simple like this rather than having four loud walls will work much better for you when you want to go to bed. Not only that, but it will give you the flexibility to change your colour scheme quickly later on if you decide you want to by simply switching a few accessories around.

We mentioned that Pantone® announced 2018’s Colour of the Year earlier but if you have your finger on the home interior’s pulse, you probably already know that the colour is Ultra Violet and have started planning on ways to incorporate it into your home. Before you rush to paint every wall in your home in this sumptuous shade of purple though, think about your bedroom first. Ultra Violet is very bold, so opt for bed linen or rugs in this shade, or choose a subtle lavender if you have your heart set on a similar tone. After all, there’ll be a new colour next year that may not complement the bright purple walls.

If you’re renting and repainting isn’t an option, don’t forget that magnolia doesn’t have to be boring. On the plus side, it won’t ruin your chances of some well-earned shut-eye, and it’s the ideal foundation for other colours, calming artwork or cosy soft furnishings, all of which can make your bedroom the perfect space to sleep in.

Did you know, it’s not just bedrooms that can be decorated into calming havens, our bathrooms are an ideal place in the home (besides the bedroom of course) in which we can escape for a little relaxation as part of a healthy bedtime routine, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to transform them into serene spaces to unwind, so, if some bathroom DIY is on the agenda, you may want to consider Mosaic Tiles they offer limitless options on colours and patterns, which means a makeover to your bathroom can be easier and calmer than you might first think.

Are you planning a bedroom makeover? We’d love to know your colour choices – let us know in the comment section below. options such as tiling can be a great option for the home,