So often, we venture into our garden or patio space with the intention of using our outdoor dining set, only to discover that the set’s cushions are heavy and filled with water. This can pose quite a frustration and limit the outdoor seating options. Such is the temperamental nature of the UK’s weather; we can never truly rely on scorching sunshine throughout summer, and the reality is that garden furniture will likely be exposed to rainfall. Rainaway technology is designed to combat rainfall and enhance outdoor experiences. Continue reading for a detailed insight into this clever and innovative technology and how it can benefit your outdoor experiences.

What Is Rainaway Technology?

So, what is Rainaway technology?

As mentioned above, Rainaway technology is designed to combat rainfall. The set’s padded seating features water-repellent covers to ensure water runs off the cushions. However, its during periods of heavy rain that Rainaway technology showcases its excellence. Any water that reaches the cushion’s inside will flow through the fabric and reach the layer of textilene at the bottom of the cushion; the textilene prevents any water build-up by ensuring the water drains away. 

Why should I consider garden furniture that features Rainaway technology?

Rainaway technology ensures your set is accessible and ready to use regardless of any exposure to rain. Regarding garden furniture and warm sunshine, we can sometimes be lured into a false sense of security and assume that our dining set can be utilised just because the sun is out. However, a heavy onslaught of rain the previous day can often mean the set’s seats are damp; Rainaway technology actively combats this through its clever measures to combat rainfall. Therefore, you can rely on your set for all-year-round use without worrying about the prospect of damp seats. 

What ranges feature Rainaway technology?

Rainaway technology is exclusive to Bronze Outdoor Living, a range that prides itself on stylish, practical, affordable outdoor furniture. All of our Bronze products features Rainaway technology, including our round dining, corner and reclining lounge sets.