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Find your next duvet from Mattressman’s range, featuring a variety of tog ratings that are suitable for warmer and colder periods of the year. Using materials such as goose and feather down, our collection of duvets is superb for a soft and sumptuous night’s sleep.

What size duvets do we stock?

At Mattressman, we stock duvets appropriate for every bed size. Our single duvets work for small single and single beds (75 x 190cm, 90 x 190cm) the double duvet is also appropriate for a small single size (120 x 190cm, 135 x 190cm), and our king size duvet and super king size duvets work for their respective sizes too (150 x 200cm, 180 x 200cm). We do not stock cot bed duvets.

What types of duvet are available in our ranges?

From incredibly soft luxurious duck and down duvets to brilliant anti-allergy duvets, you can find the duvet that will provide you with a good night's sleep.

Feather and down duvet options

For some of our most luxurious and popular duvet options, we showcase a variety of duvets that are filled with feathers and down. Specifically, our options include duck and goose feathers that offer much of the composition of our natural duvets. Down is the layer of much finer feathers underneath the larger exterior feathers of these birds, which are often much softer. This aspect of our luxury natural duvets provides softness, warmth and a cosy feel that are also breathable. Allergy sufferers should avoid this kind of duvet, as its easier for dust mites to pass through these quilts and build up over time.

Anti-allergy duvets

For dust mites and allergy sufferers, an anti-allergy duvet can help keep symptoms at bay. Filled with synthetic fillings, these fibres have tighter pore sizes that make it hard for dust mites to pass through and build up. These options are also incredibly easy to clean too.

What are duvet togs?

A duvet tog rating is a measurement that guides you on how insulating a duvet is. The lower the tog rating, the less insulating the duvet will be, therefore more appropriate for hotter months and warm summer nights. Higher rated duvet togs are designed to trap more heat, ideal for the colder winter months. Here at Mattressman, we stock duvets from a 10.5 tog to 13.5 tog rating. A 10.5 tog rating is great for an all year round duvet, whereas a 13.5 tog is more of a winter duvet.
You can find out more about duvet tog ratings here.

How do I care for my new duvet?

A natural and an anti-allergy duvet are cared for in different ways. You should always consult the care instructions for your duvet before attempting to clean it, as these will best guide you on how to maintain the duvet's quality. Generally, naturally filled duvets should not be put in a washing machine or in for a tumble dry. If these materials get wet, it can cause them to clump together and not dry properly, with a chance of developing mould. Instead, these duvets should be dry cleaned. Anti-allergy duvets are more likely to be able to be washed like this because they contain synthetic fillings, which are much easier to clean.
To find out how to properly care for your bedding, read our piece on How To Clean Your Duvets And Pillows.

What brands of duvet do we stock?

Masters in producing a perfect duvet for every kind of sleeper, Silentnight and the British Bed Company will give you a good night's sleep to stay cool in the summer and extra warm in the winter. Browse their range to find the perfect duvet for you today.
Why shop at Mattressman?
We offer a speedy and free next working day delivery service for in-stock items and orders over £100. Whilst our duvets are certainly not that expensive, why not add a fresh new sumptuous duvet to your mattress order and receive it as soon as the next working day. After all, there's nothing better than a completely new and fresh sleeping solution.