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What sizes of bed frames do we feature?

Bed sizes

We stock beds that can hold every standard size mattress, ranging from a small single (75 x 190cm), single bed frames (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) to super king size (180 x 200cm). Due to the variety of brands and designs we stock, the above measurements are the mattress sizes that the bed frame can support and do not account for the size of the bed frame. The size of the bed will be stated under the dimensions of each product, as each varies due to features such as headboards and foot ends, making particular bed frames larger than others.

What size bed should I opt for?

Your bedroom's available space should influence which bed frame you opt for. It may be worthwhile measuring your bedroom and assessing which bed frame is the best fit. We often find that a small double bed frame, commonly referred to as a queen bed frame, is an ideal alternative to a double bed frame for rooms with limited space. However, if you sleep alone, you may find that a small single or a single bed frame is ideal. Finally, depending on how large your bedroom is, you may find yourself with the luxury of opting for a king or super king size bed frame. If you'd prefer a larger bed frame than our collection of single beds, but are conscious of your room's space, consider our beds with storage offerings. Compared to standard bed frames, our beds with storage offerings actively encourage greater floor space. Featuring all types of beds, varying in style and size, we're confident we feature your dream bed.

King V super king size bed dimensions

One query that often occurs is whether a king or super king bed is a better choice. As alluded to above, there isn't a great deal of difference between a king and super king size bed frame. Both bed types offer spacious sleeping solutions and which bed you opt for should depend on how important the extra space a super king bed offers compared to a king size bed. It's worth noting that if you opt for a super king bed, you may face the prospect of restricted space.

A king or super king size bed frame provides a focal point for your bedroom and an incredibly spacious sleeping solution. If you're looking for a bed for your spare room, assess who is likely to utilise the guest room and tailor your new bed frame to the most frequent occupants.

What types of bed frames are available?

As style is subjective, we feature a range of different bed frame types with options for traditional and contemporary settings or bedrooms that combine these aesthetics.

Wooden bed frames

Classic yet many with stunning contemporary designs, our wooden bed frames feature options for everyone, including wooden beds such as sturdy oak, pine and rubberwood that showcase stunning natural or painted finishes. If you're actively looking to add warmth and character to your bedroom, a wooden bed frame is an excellent choice. 

Painted options

If it's a blend of traditional and modern style your bedroom is crying out for, then any one of our painted beds is ideal. For instance, a white bed showcases an elegant wooden structure that's complemented by a sleek white finish. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a more bold and rich centerpiece, consider a black bed frame. Finally, a chic grey bed frame is a fantastic choice for a distinctively modern and minimalist setting.

Upholstered bed frames

Are you looking for a bed that can bring a warm and cosy style to your bedroom? Look no further than our collection of fabric beds. An upholstered bed frame is often paired with an opulent headboard, yet they are incredibly versatile pieces that look great in a variety of bedrooms. From velvet bed frames to linen, crushed velvet, polyester and many other fabric types, you can be sure to find the option right for you amongst our stylish bed frames. Whilst stile is subjective, we often find that a fabric or velvet bed frame is best suited to a chic and modern setting.

Metal bed frames

A metal bed frame is extremely versatile as it can embody a completely classic or contemporary design with little difference in structure. Opt for a metal bed frame that features a traditional shaker style headboard and classic finials or an angular structured metal bed frame that showcases utter modernity. Browse our metal beds to find the perfect bed frame for you.

Faux leather bed frames

A faux leather option may be perfect for you if you want a bed that is easy to clean and maintain—featuring a variety of natural colour schemes such as white, black, brown and grey.

Ottoman bed frames

Ottoman beds are some of the most efficient variations of storage beds. Many ottoman beds lift from either the foot end or side by using a gas piston hydraulic system to hold the mattress up whilst accessing the storage space. A storage bed, by accommodating bedroom essentials within the frame, could be the deciding factor on which bed you opt for. For instance, you may find your room is able to accommodate a standard king size bed frame or a super king ottoman. Similarly, if the designated room of choice is on the smaller side, a single bed frame with ottoman functionality could provide the room with a much-needed storage option. 

More floor space?

An ottoman bed frame can resolve these issues if you have limited space or limited storage solutions in your bedroom. Removing the need for chunky wardrobes or a chest of drawers, you can utilise the storage underneath your bed, as opposed to many bed frames we feature, an ottoman bed frame will make the most out of space that would otherwise be disregarded. Regardless of which option you settle on, a bed frame with storage capabilities could transform your entire bedroom. Don't worry, if you're concerned that the designated room would struggle to accommodate a bed, a single bed with storage functionality is the perfect choice.

Divan bed frames

Our customisable divan beds go above and beyond to provide you with ample space for storage and the ability to choose what fabric the divan bed frame is upholstered in. Choose from over 45 colour schemes and materials to match your current bedroom aesthetic or a complete makeover of your master or guest bedroom. What's more, you can choose the storage you want on our divan builder function, with options including a variety of storage drawers or ottoman storage. Check out our divan builder today, where you can customise the bed sizes, storage options, upholstery and headboard design so you can be on your way to the perfect fit. Our divan builder gives you the choice of a base only or a bed frame and mattress pair, providing superb flexibility. If it's a mattress and bed frame pairing you're looking for, our divan options are sure to feature something for you.

Other types of bed frames

Besides the wide array of beds described above, we have many other kinds of beds available. Including TV beds, kids or toddler beds, bunk beds for kids, sofa beds, cabin beds, electric adjustable beds and guest beds, there are practical functions for everyone in our collections. It's worth noting, our gaming bed collection could be the perfect choice for any console enthusiasts and feature everything you need to enhance your gaming experiences.

What brands of beds do we stock?

We're proud to showcase a wide selection of super-stylish beds and practical options from many trusted brands and manufacturers here at Mattressman. Browse brands such as Birlea, Julian Bowen, LPD Furniture, GFW, Limelight, Heartlands Furniture, Dorel, Silentnight, Kyoto and Westpoint Mills, which work exclusively with Mattressman to supply stunning bed frames. With our wide range comprising beds from reputable and trusted brands, there's never been a better time to enhance your sleep space. 

How do I match bedroom furniture to my new bed frame?

Matching bedroom furniture to a new bed frame depends on your chosen bed. A natural wooden bed frame is nicely complemented by wooden bedroom furnishings, for example, but if the wooden bed has a painted finish, it may be worthwhile upcycling wooden furnishings and painting them, too. We find that our wooden black and white bed frame collections are popular as they combine a traditional structure with a contemporary finish. An upholstered or faux leather bed frame also looks beautiful with wooden furniture that is natural or has been painted.

For a metal bed frame, we think that industrial-chic furnishings will best match this kind of bed frame. The industrial-chic style features an amalgamation of metal and wooden materials to create a minimalist, industrialist look. Whatever is the right bed frame for you, find matching furniture by browsing our furniture options or upcycling your current furnishings.

Consider how well your preferred bed frame will suit your bedroom

Following on from what we've discussed above, it's important that your new bed frame doesn't clash with your room's aesthetics. Take a modern setting, for example; a chic upholstered bed frame or an on-trend rattan bed frame is ideal. In contrast, a wooden bed frame or a metal bed frame that adopts a distinctively traditional style is likely to clash with your room's modern vision.

It's worth noting that we feature a stunning platform bed frame range, with these beds characterised by their minimalist and slight structures. Therefore, if you're keen to showcase a contemporary style, one of these bed types could provide your room with the perfect focal point.

View our bedding range

With an array of bedding sets to match your new bed frame, we're sure to leave you spoilt for choice. As well as duvet covers, we also stock bed sheets, duvets, mattress protectors and toppers.

Rely on Mattressman

For an extensive range of cheap bed frames by price, not quality, Mattressman has you covered. In addition, our free-next-working day delivery for in-stock beds is designed to make your shopping experience as seamless as can be. So whether it's a small single, a super king bed frame or anything in-between, you'll be sure to find your dream sleeping solution from our range.

Beds on sale

Keep an eye out for our bed sale and find your perfect bed frame at an unbelievable price. With fantastic offers across our range, we feature bed frame and mattress deals that are too good to miss!

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