How big is a small double bed?

Due to the variation of styles across different brands and materials, the dimensions of a small double bed frame will vary. This is because the design may have incorporated a headboard and footend, whereas others may not have. Given this, all small double bed frames are designed to hold a small double mattress, which is 4'0" by 6'3" or 120cm x 190cm, often dubbed the three-quarter bed.

Is a queen size bed frame the same as a small double bed?

Yes a queen bed is often refereed to as a small double bed and vice versa with the only difference being their title. Aside from being referred to as queen size beds, small double beds are also referred to as three-quarter beds.

What bedrooms are small double beds suitable for?

Any bedroom is suited to small double beds. If you can fit more than a single bed in a guest bedroom, why not make the most of the extra room and opt for a small double bed frame? They are also great for bedrooms for older children, providing more space for them to sleep. When purchasing a small double bed frame, you can take advantage of having a more prominent place to rest whilst also saving space in a bedroom, allowing you to incorporate other bedroom furniture like a bedside table or wardrobe. If you're keen on a spacious bed but are conscious of your room's available floor space, a small double bed is ideal.

What types of small double bed frame are there?

Wooden beds

Incorporating natural oak, rubberwood or pine wood, our range of wooden small double bed frames are durable and embody stunning style. Whether you prefer a natural wood finish or a coated paint look, our collection of wooden beds provides either aesthetic. We're confident you can browse and shop for the perfect wooden small double bed frame for your bedroom, tailor-made for classic and cosy interiors.

Metal small double bed frames

Our range of small double metal beds includes an astonishing variety of contemporary and classic looks suitable for an array of bedroom interiors. Not limited by colours, many of our metal beds either feature a polished nickel or copper finish; otherwise, you can be sure to find coated metal small double beds that come in various colours among what we offer. With this, you can be sure to find the metal bed frame to suit your bedroom aesthetic.

Upholstered bed frame

One of our most popular kinds of small double beds, our fabric bed frames feature comfy headboards and a luxurious style. Upholstered in an array of fabrics such as polyester, crushed velvet, bed linen and more, you can rely on our fabric bed frames to bring an elegant and soft style to your bedroom. Incorporating minimalist or intricate headboard styles, too, you can find the bed frame you've always envisaged.

Faux leather small double bed

Minimalist and easy to clean, our range of faux leather small double bed frames will look superb in many different bedrooms. The simple styles makes our options great for guests or minimalist master bedrooms. So take a look through our range to find the faux leather bed frame for you.

Ottoman beds

Are you looking for a small double that is both stylish and practical? Look no further than our small double ottoman bed frames. Whether you're searching for an upholstered luxury statement piece, a classic, cosy wooden option or a sleek faux leather ottoman, we're sure that you'll be able to find it in our collection. With ottoman beds, you can lift the mattress from either the footend or side to reveal under bed storage space. This makes it an excellent option for smaller rooms with limited floor space that require extra storage. Ottoman bed frames are also ideal for anyone who wants a little extra space in their bedroom and could eliminate the need for certain

furniture pieces or accessories.

Divan base

Completely customisable, divan base bed frames are brilliant for creating storage space geared to you and your needs. You can choose from our no drawers, 2 or 4 large drawers, 2 large and 2 small drawers or an end ottoman storage availability. Moreover, you can select a fabric from over 45 upholstery choices, so your small double divan bed can suit your bedroom aesthetic. Lastly, pair it up with a beautiful headboard from the British Bed Company or one of our other brilliant headboard suppliers.

What brands of small double beds do we stock?

Stocking nothing but quality small double bed frames is of paramount importance here at Mattressman. To provide you with your dream bed frame, we are partnered with many trusted manufacturers and suppliers whose services make this happen. Including Birlea, Limelight, Julian Bowen, Sweet Dreams, LPD Furniture, GFW, Snuggle Beds, Westpoint Mills, Windsor and Heartlands Furniture, we're confident that you can find the small double bed you've been searching for amongst these beautiful collections.