It’s widely known that keeping a bedtime routine, regular exercise, eating healthily and relaxing before you go to bed are known to help improve your sleep, but what happens when you’re away from home and can’t keep to your normal routine?

Ways To Sleep Better Whilst Travelling

Maybe you’re away on a work trip or on a family holiday, after being tucked up in bed for hours you still find you are struggling to get to sleep. At Mattressman, we specialise in allowing all of our customers the best night’s sleep possible, so we are going to take a look at what could be disturbing your slumber and the ways to sleep better whilst travelling – all by making a few simple changes.

The location of your room…

Silence is a virtue. If you are looking for as quiet a night’s sleep, then the location of your room is going to play an important role in this. To avoid being in largely popular areas of the establishment such as near a pool or lift, you should ask when checking in at reception for a quiet room to avoid the main hustle and bustle of the hotel.

Another trick is to display the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door, this will let anyone who passes by know that you are trying to sleep and encourage them to keep the noise down as they walk past.

Ways To Sleep Better Whilst Travelling

Do you need your home comforts?

Find it hard to sleep in an unfamiliar environment in an unfamiliar bed? This is pretty common so don’t worry, and if you are looking for a simple way to remedy this, then bringing some of your home comforts with you is a must. Create yourself a little home away from home by bringing along items that make you feel at home: a family photo, your favourite slippers, a good book or film and your pillow! If you have a comfortable pillow at home then chances are that it’s going to help you get that all-important good night’s sleep.

If you’re struggling to sleep and find yourself tossing and turning, get up out of bed and move around. Sometimes it works out best if you try and occupy your mind in another way, rather than concentrating on trying and not succeeding at sleeping. Read a magazine, do some yoga, take a warm shower; doing this should help to relax your mind and make it slightly easier to sleep.

Ways To Sleep Better Whilst Travelling

There is no doubt that technology has come along for the trip, whether that just be a smartphone or a laptop and tablet to complete the set. These electronic devices emit a blue light that can trick the body into being more awake as less melatonin is produced, making it more difficult to sleep. To ensure you are getting the best night’s sleep, we recommend that you turn all of your technology off around 90 minutes before you want to go to sleep.

Another factor that can affect the amount of sleep you get whilst away from home is the level of light in your room. To those of you who need to sleep in a pitch-black environment, we recommend that you invest in a comfortable eye mask; this way you will not be bothered by the level of light seeping through the curtains – just make sure you set your alarm in the morning!

Ways To Sleep Better Whilst Travelling

Temperature is another important factor that can help you get enough sleep. If the room is too warm when you get into bed, you’ll probably wake up in the night too hot and be unable to get back to sleep. We recommend that the temperature in your room be between 15-18°C to get the best night’s sleep possible.

At Mattressman, we are proud sleep experts who want to ensure all of our customers get a great night’s sleep. No matter where you are staying, following the ways above will help you in obtaining that all-important night’s sleep.

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