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Kids Beds

Choosing a kid's bed can be a very difficult decision, made all the more tricky by the huge array of children's beds on the market. The first thing to consider will be the style of bed. Will you need a bunk bed for several children, sleepovers, or will a single bed be sufficient? Many great themed beds are available for both girls and boys, as are high sleeper cabin style beds; many integrate very useful features such as computer desks. There are so many children's beds available, with manufacturers developing new designs every week.

Before choosing, consider the age of your child; are they likely to grow out of the design? Or is it going to last them for many years to come? Also remember that kids are the masters of finding alternative uses for their beds. Storing toys on an upper bunk or filling the drawers with things has to factor into your choices. Whatever you decide, Mattressman has a huge range of all kinds of kids beds, ready for free next day delivery.