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How do I choose a comfortable bunk bed mattress?

It would help if you considered a couple of factors when purchasing a bunk bed mattress, which we describe below.

Think about the size and depth - bunk bed mattress dimensions

Every bed bunk frame is different and can require varying sizes and depths. For this reason, it's best to consult the specifications of the bunk bed that you own. Most bunk beds are compatible with a small single or single mattress. However, several bunk beds use a small double or double mattress in the lower bunk.

Regarding mattress depth, this also varies in line with your bunk bed. Generally, bunk bed mattresses tend to be at most 20cm. Still, we stock a variety of bunk beds that allow for deeper bunk bed mattresses. A good measure is to ensure the mattress isn't more prominent than the safety barrier on the top bunk; otherwise, it becomes pointless.

Think about mattress type and firmness

What's the most appropriate mattress for a child to get a great night's sleep? The answer revolves around both mattress firmness and mattress type. A soft, medium, or firm mattress will suffice to support your child's body regardless of their sleeping position. Generally, children don't need a bed that is overly firm because their bodies are lighter and don't require as much support.

The second factor to consider is which type of mattress your child will find comfortable. There are a variety of sleeping solutions that are appropriate for children, including pocket sprung or open coil mattresses. These sprung regular mattress types sufficiently support your child's growing body and keep them comfortable throughout the night. This makes them a great option if you want to avoid your child sleeping on memory foam.

We also stock a collection of memory foam or high-density foam mattresses appropriate for bunk beds and children. Some brands have manufactured their memory or reflex foam to be free from harmful chemicals, perfect for little ones who want that sink-in feeling in bed.

Who can use a bunk bed?

Generally, children most commonly use bunk beds. However, adults can comfortably fit in one too.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Bunk bed mattress sale

When you shop for a bunk bed mattress with Mattressman, you can rely on our services to provide you with a simple and efficient purchase. We offer free delivery ensuring your bunk mattress can arrive as soon as the next working day if you order before 4pm and the item is in stock. Moreover, thanks to our mattress recycling service, we can remove your old sleeping solution, so you don't have to worry about disposing of it yourself.

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