If you’re a fan of a modern style, injecting industrial chic into your bedroom could bring exactly the vibe you’re looking for. Born out of converting old industrial buildings, warehouses and barns into contemporary living spaces, the industrial-chic look is usually characterised by the combination of rugged metal and wooden materials. 

With this style rising in popularity, it’s no wonder that people want to embrace it across their homes. Having an industrial-chic bedroom brings a level of sophisticated simplicity, letting the furniture speak for itself without being over-decorated and overpowering to the senses. Here are some of our favourite industrial chic bed frames you can include in your bedroom for a great price…

Beyond the bed, what else can I do to embrace the industrial style?

Being such a trend right now, there are plenty of furnishings on the market that embrace similar styles to these beds. For a true industrial chic style, keeping a minimalist vision is key to it all coming together.

In old warehouses and factories converted into homes, many of the walls are bare brick. Using a convincing brick wallpaper could be a great way to bring industrial chic to your bedroom, perhaps as a feature wall. Wooden flooring is a great way to bring the contemporary style together cohesively too.