Fabric and upholstered bed frames are some of the cosiest additions to a bedroom, however, they can be some of the hardest to clean too. Having said this, if you keep on top of a cleaning schedule, then you’ll likely not reach a point where you’ll have to undertake vigorous cleaning. Here are our top tips to keep your fabric bed as fresh as the day you bought it.

1) Hoover regularly

Dust can settle in fabric upholstery and it’s hard to notice. Getting the hoover out and using the smaller attachment to go over the base and headboard will remove any dust sufficiently.

Fabric Bed Care Guide

2) Always check labels or instructions

This is to see what kind of cleaning products are suitable to use on the particular upholstery used in your fabric bed. Here are what the general codes are for cleaning:

  • S: this means dry cleaning only, therefore a professional cleaning service should be used if possible. What is critical is that no water should be introduced to the fabric.
  • W: standing for water, this means you can apply water-based cleaners and foam upholstery/fabric cleaner to the fabric.
  • W/S: a combination of dry-cleaning solvents and water-based cleaners may be used.
  • X: only use a hoover and brush to clean the fabric. Water or solvent-based cleaners could cause damage to the upholstery on your bed.

If you cannot find out what fabric your bed is upholstered with, it’s best to try out a cleaning product on an unnoticeable part of the bed. Here you will be able to see if it causes any damage to the fabric and if not, you will be able to use it on any stains or dirty parts of the bed frame.

Fabric Bed Care Guide

3) Follow instructions on the relevant cleaner

Whatever type of cleaner you can use depending on the codes above, follow the instructions of that particular detergent. Usually, this will involve using a mild cleaning solution of warm water and detergent, which you should apply using a clean cloth. You should remove soapiness with a clean sponge dampened with water and dry off with a cloth or microfibre.

For any other kinds of fabric cleaner, ensure to follow instructions to avoid damage to the upholstery.

4) Smell fresher

Our last tip is to make use of fabric fresheners. Giving a spray every now and then, especially after cleaning, will help your fabric bed smell fantastic. Who doesn’t want to get into bed with a bed that smells amazing, right?

There are Mattressman’s top tips on how to look after your fabric bed. If you’re looking to update your bed, we have a wide range of stylish options for you to choose from.

Fabric Bed Care Guide