Relyon Buying Guide

With over 160 years of experience making mattresses, Relyon is truly a brand you can rely on to provide a supportive and comfortable nights sleep for many years to come. Based in Wellington, Somerset, Relyon’s philosophy is the same today as it was when they were established in 1858: comfort is paramount. Read on to find out more about Relyon and what their fantastic qualities are.

Pocket spring masters

Seeing as comfort is paramount to Relyon’s operations, it’s no wonder every single one of their mattresses comprises pocket springs. Independently moving pocket springs ensure that the mattress surface can mould with the contours and movements of your body whilst you sleep, ultimately providing you with total body support and healthy spine alignment. Coming in a variety of mattress firmnesses, the individual springs are made more rigid the firmer the mattress is. Continue reading to find out which mattress tension is right for you:

Relyon Buying Guide
  • Preferred side sleeper. a softer or medium support mattress would be best for preferred side sleepers. Due to the extra cushioning these tensions can provide to pressure points such as the shoulders and hips, the mattress surface can promote healthy spine alignment in this sleeping position.
  • Preferred back or front sleeper. differently, back and front sleepers will need a firmer mattress tension to have healthy spine alignment as they sleep. If you wake up with back or joint pain, extra firm support may be necessary to help you combat this.
  • Sleep in all positions. neither too firm for side sleeping or too soft for back and front sleeping, a medium firm mattress tension is ideal for those who sleep in all positions.

Budget-friendly and luxurious mattress options

One of the few mattress manufacturers that offer premium sleeping solutions alongside more affordable products. No matter your budgetary requirements, there’s an option that will work for you. 

Relyon Buying Guide
  • Budget options. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, Relyon’s budget mattresses range from £350-£450 (for a double size), meaning you get a quality pocket sprung mattress with foam, polyester or superb natural fillings included. 
  • Luxury options. If you’re looking for a sleeping solution that’s a little more opulent, you can be sure to find it here. Some of the Relyon products we stock sell for up to £2500 (for a double size), which really signifies the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship that goes into making them. 
  • Everything in between. For anyone whose budget is in between these figures, Relyon’s product range is so vast that they really do accommodate all budgets. Use our price filter on our website to help find the Relyon mattress for you.

Natural materials

Whilst Relyon have utilised both foam and polyester fibre fillings across their mattress ranges, they are particularly known for their use of natural fillings

Relyon Buying Guide
  • Lambswool. Providing softness and insulation, lambswool is one of the most common natural fibres used in mattresses.
  • Mohair. From rare Angora goats, mohair is extremely soft and insulating, it’s also great for sensitive skin, moisture-wicking fantastic for breathability and temperature regulation as well as durable.
  • Cashmere. Obtained from cashmere or pashmina goats, this yarn is also considered luxury. Similar to its wool-like counterparts, cashmere is also insulating and soft. On top of this, it’s lightweight, soft, temperature regulating and breathable.
  • Cotton. Extremely common in mattresses, cotton is a useful natural fibre due to its absorbent properties that allow it to wick away excess moisture and regulate the temperature of your sleeping environment.
  • Silk. Soft, lightweight and brilliant for sensitive skin, silk is also antimicrobial and breathable.
  • Horsehair. Often used as a natural filling at the base of a mattress, horsehair is durable, has stronger resilience and recovery.


‘The best beds in the world’ aren’t made without superior craftsmanship. Relyon sees every product that comes out of their factory as a tribute to the high standards they’ve held since their establishment. Holders of the Manufacturing Guild Mark, demonstrating standards that go above and beyond across many aspects of business. When purchasing from a company that holds such a distinguished award, you know you’ll be doing knowing they’re among the best in the industry and country.