What is a headboard?

A headboard is a unit that resides at the sleeping end of the bed and is elevated above the sleeping surface.

What are headboards made from?

The two most common types of headboards are wooden headboards and upholstered headboards; as the name suggests, a wooden headboard is comprised solely of wood, whereas an upholstered headboard can feature many different materials, you may have encountered metal headboards, faux leather headboards or headboards upholstered in other beautiful fabrics.

What materials does Mattressman's range of small single headboards feature?

Our range of small single headboards is upholstered in luxurious, soft fabrics, ensuring optimal comfort. So, whether it's a bamboo, faux mocha or linen upholstered headboard, among other premium fabrics you're looking for, Mattressman's plethora of small single headboards has you covered.

What types of small single upholstered headboards does Mattressman feature?

Our upholstered small single headboards cover a wide range of styles and designs; continue reading for an insight into our range.

Floorstanding Headboards

As the name suggests, a floorstanding headboard is placed on the floor and stands behind the bed frame; a floorstanding headboard is renowned for its durability.

Strutted Headboards

A strutted headboard is incredibly practical due to the ease with which it is to attach the headboard to the bed. With a strutted headboard, the headboard is attached to the bed base via two wooden struts. 

Tall Headboards

A tall headboard is destined to showcase the bed as the room's focal point, bold and stylish; a tall headboard adds an abundance of character to the bedroom.

Buttoned Headboards

Buttoned headboards feature rows of intrinsic, ample buttoning, adding a stylish, modern twist to the headboard.

Winged Headboards

A winged headboard could be considered the most exuberant and glamorous style of headboard, with its overarching wings on either side of the headboard. Moreover, a winged headboard gives the impression of a cosy and intimate sleeping area.

What is the purpose of an upholstered headboard?


Headboards enhance the bedroom's aesthetics and add character and style to the bed. Small single beds usually reside in children's rooms; spare rooms are likely to be the smallest room in the house and, therefore, commonly feature small single and single beds, and an upholstered small single headboard can rejuvenate your spare room or child's room.

Physical barrier

If the bed is placed against the wall, a headboard functions as a barrier between the bed and the wall, preventing damage to the wall from the bed.

Neck and back support

As eluded to earlier, you're a small single bed, often referred to as a toddler bed, is most likely to be found in a children's bedroom. The headboard provides neck and back support when sitting upright in bed, consequently promoting correct spinal alignment.

What colour options are available with Mattressman's range of upholstered small single headboards?

Here at Mattressman, we recognise the need to provide a wide array of small single headboards to provide excellent service and tailorable products to every one of our customers. Some of our most popular colour choices include; brown, grey, black, silver, blue, purple and cream; for an extensive list of our colours, take a look at our entire range of small single headboards perfectly suited to your child's or guest's room.