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What is a headboard?

A headboard is simply a unit that covers the width of the bed and resides above the sleeping end of the mattress. The most common variations of headboards include metal, wooden and fabric structures. Our range of blue headboards is upholstered in a range of superb fabrics, culminating in comfortable and stylish headboards.

Why should I consider a blue headboard?

Light blue represents tranquillity and calmness and adds a soothing and welcoming touch to any living space. In contrast, dark blue is a rich colour that adds an abundance of character to a bedroom. So whether it's a light or dark blue headboard you opt for, the colour blue can rejuvenate your bedroom. To ensure a cohesive and consistent bedroom aesthetic, match your blue headboard to a blue bed. For further inspiration, view our wide array of blue headboards.

What are the different types of blue headboards available?

Floorstanding headboards

As the name suggests, a floorstanding headboard stands directly on the floor and can also be attached to the wall for additional sturdiness.

Strutted headboards

This type of headboard features two reinforced struts to seamlessly attach to a divan bed base.

What are the different styles of blue headboards available?

Buttoned headboards

Our wide choice of blue buttoned headboards is a great choice for modern bedrooms and features deep, ample rows of buttoning, resulting in a stunning headboard collection that exudes elegance.

Winged headboards

Often considered an opulent choice, a winged headboard features overarching wings on either side of the headboard to create a calm and cosy sleeping environment and a bed that promises to be the room's focal point.

What sizes of blue headboards does Mattressman feature?

Our headboards are available in a small single size, single, small double, double, king and super king size. Mattressman's superb headboard range caters to all beds, bedrooms and styles.

Apart from style, what does a headboard offer?

Neck and back support

An upholstered headboard provides cushioned neck and back support for all the time spent sitting upright in bed.

Wall protection

If the bed is placed against the wall, a headboard serves as a protective barrier between the wall and bed to prevent any damage from occurring to the wall from the bed.

Free delivery

In addition to our affordable range of blue headboards, at Mattressman, all in-stock items over £45 qualify for free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area).

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