Always at the forefront with new ideas, designs and ways to bring better sleep across the world, Sealy is one of the most recognisable global bed brands. Manufacturing since 1881, it’s no wonder that Sealy knows all there is to know about getting a well-rested, supported night’s sleep. Here, we’ll include all the details you need before purchasing a Sealy sleeping solution.

State of the art spring system

Sealy Buying Guide

Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology is both innovative and durable. Consisting of a twice-tempered high carbon spring wire, the Posturepedic spring system first senses your body weight and offers a unique, graduated response followed by deep support. The technology includes a firm steel rod around the edge of the mattress which provides maximum comfort due to edge-to-edge support. Designed to last much longer than any open coil mattress, you can rely on a Posturepedic mattress to be around for many years to come.

Endorsed by Which? Best Buy

Unsurprisingly, Sealy has been endorsed by Which? Best Buy for a multitude of their mattresses. Testing how well the mattress supports your body and undergoing a 10-year usage simulation, passing Which?’s tests with flying colours undoubtedly proves the quality of the manufacturer’s production and design. For Sealy, this couldn’t be more true. With their Nostromo 1400 Pocket Sprung Mattress and the Casoli Latex 1200 Pocket Sprung Mattress being endorsed by Which? Best Buy, you know you can completely rely on their sleeping solutions to provide supportive nights sleep for at least a decade. Now, we believe, is worth investing in.

Something for everyone

With Sealy, there really is a mattress for everyone. Not only do they feature every mattress tension from softer to extra frim in their range, but they also include a variety of spring systems, fillings, budget options and other innovative materials. Here’s how you can find what’s right for you…

Sealy Buying Guide

What tension?

  • Side sleepers: a softer or medium tension mattress is best designed for you as it provides extra cushioning to pressure points such as the shoulders and hips. Overall, this helps promote healthy spine alignment and evenly distributes your weight.
  • Back or front sleepers: a firmer or extra firm mattress is the correct tension to support your spine whilst you sleep. Extra firm tensions are usually best for those who are heavier statures and also wake up with aches and pains in their backs or joints.
  • Sleep in all positions: A medium firm tension is neither too firm nor soft for sleeping on your front, side or back.

Innovative materials

Sealy is certainly one of the most functional innovators of the mattress industry today, incorporating new, state-of-the-art materials in many of its products. Their use of Smart Fibres is outstanding for temperature-regulation and allergen deterrents, including Purotex, Tencel, Geltex and Adaptive technologies. They work to ensure your sleeping environment can control moisture to keep your mattress fresh, clean and odour-free, as well as keeping you cool and comfortable as you sleep.

Sealy Buying Guide

5-year guarantee

Sealy is confident in the bed-making abilities, so much so that they offer a 5-year guarantee on all of their mattresses.