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What bedding do we offer?


Our range of high-quality duvets includes appropriate options for all seasons of the year. Duvet warmth is measured in togs, with 15 togs being the warmest and best at trapping air and 1 tog being the coolest and the worst ability at trapping air. Many of our duvets are 10.5 tog which is perfect for an all-year duvet. Including hypoallergenic or natural duvet covers, you can find brands such as Silentnight and the British Bed Company in our collections.


Pillows are essential for restful sleep and having your neck adequately supported throughout the night. Box pillows are more appropriate for side sleepers, whereas standard pillows work best for back or stomach sleepers. At Mattressman, we stock a wide variety of pillows with an array of fillings and added benefits, from hypoallergenic options to pillows with natural fillings, anti-snore technology, latex compositions, and even copper or lavender-infused pillows. Get a great night's sleep with this bedding from Relyon, Hypnos, Norfolk Feather Company or Silentnight.

Pillow protectors

It's common for dust mites to build up within a pillow over time, which is precisely why it's essential to protect them. With a pillow protector, it makes it extremely hard for dust mites to pass through and build up. Overall, this type of bedding makes your sleeping environment healthier.

Mattress protectors

Crucial to keep stains at bay, mattress protectors are also helpful in preventing the build-up of dust mites. Like fitted sheets, mattress protectors go underneath your bed linen and keep your mattress fresher for longer. Mattress protectors are a brilliant piece of bedding as it protects the surface from getting stained or damaged, which can affect your guarantee or warranty.

Mattress toppers

If your mattress provides you with all the support you need, but you wish it was a little comfier, mattress toppers may be the way for you to go. Memory foam or cotton fillings toppers help you achieve an improved, good night's sleep.

Bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases

We stock various bedspreads, bed linen, pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets. This aspect will make your bed feel sumptuously soft and like an utter luxury. Many of our duvet covers feature opulent style and up to 200 thread counts, so you will be able to relax in stunning style and complete soft comfort. Browse our ranges incorporating bold designs and various style aesthetics, shop your favourites and bring your bedroom to life with new bedding.

How important is the style of the duvet cover?

When we think of the perfect bedding, quality and comfort is often the first thought that comes to mind in order to ensure a good night's sleep. However, style is an important consideration too. As your duvet cover is likely to always be on display, it's important its style aligns with your bedroom décor and colour scheme to ensure a cohesive aesthetic.

What brands do we stock?

Showcasing some of the most trusted go-to bedding brands, accentuating your mattress' comfort with Silentnight, Protect-A-Bed, Healthosleep, British Bed Company, Hypnos, Relyon, Norfolk Feather Company, Harlequin, Sanderson, Charlotte Thomas and more. Browse a brand range, shop away and be on your way to luxurious snoozing in no time.

What's the right bedding for me?

With so many types of bedding available, it's hard to know the suitable options for you. At Mattressman, we have devised a series of buying guides to help you decipher what bedding is most appropriate for how you sleep. View our 'Guide to Duvet Togs' or our 'Bedding Size Guide' to get more clarity on navigating what bedding you need. For more information, contact our sleep experts or customer services for a helpful guide and be on your way to quality bedding in no time at all.

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