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What is an orthopaedic mattress?

As alluded to above, orthopaedic mattresses are designed to help alleviate issues relating to back and joint pain, typically providing firm or extra firm support.

What types of orthopaedic mattresses do we stock?

A traditionally sprung or orthopaedic pocket sprung mattress

An open coil or pocket sprung mattress is the most common type of orthopaedic mattress. Open coil mattresses consist of a continuous wire that runs up and down the mattress to form the entire spring cage unit. You can rest assured that this mattress is excellent for ensuring rigid support. Similarly, with a pocket sprung mattress, the individual springs encased in a fabric pocket can be highly stiff, so they don't move much when applying pressure.

Whichever sprung mattress you're drawn to, you can rely on its durability and ability to provide a good night's sleep. A double-sided mattress offers greater longevity as you can regularly flip and rotate them. This means the springs are more durable and will take longer to lose rigidity. Lastly, when shopping for a sprung orthopaedic mattress, consider what fillings are included. Hypoallergenic fillings are the best option if you're affected by dust mite allergies. In contrast, if you aren't affected by allergies or hay fever, you can benefit from the properties promoted by natural fillings.

Memory foam mattresses or orthopaedic reflex foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress is usually not associated with an orthopaedic mattress because of its ability to mould to the contours of your body shape. Generally, this is a quality that orthopaedic beds typically don't have. However, this isn't unheard of, as reflex foam and memory foam is often combined to create an all-foam mattress that features a firm feel. The memory foam will, therefore, act as a comfort layer near the bed's surface and will not be the component that provides the base support. An orthopaedic memory foam mattress is ideal if you're looking for a firm mattress with the benefits of foam. 

If you feel hot overnight, an orthopaedic memory foam mattress is likely to be unsuitable. This is because the material comprises millions of tiny holes which trap heat when pressure is applied to the mattress surface. As a result, air seeps out to mould the contours of your body shape. Therefore, we recommend opting for a traditionally sprung or pocket-sprung mattress if you're a hot sleeper.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses are great options if you want to benefit from the rigid support of a sprung mattress but would like the comfort of memory foam or reflex foam too. Hybrid mattresses can also go beyond this, matching open coil or pocket sprung options with layers of latex or Geltex. These are brilliant comfort layers with temperature-regulating and breathable qualities.

What sizes of orthopaedic mattresses do we stock?

Here at Mattressman, we stock every standard UK size and custom special sizes of orthopaedic mattresses. These include small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm), super king size (180 x 200cm), king size zip and link (150 x 200cm) and super king size zip and link (180 x 200cm). We can also order and manufacture custom-size orthopaedic mattresses if you require a length beyond the scope of standard sizes. However, these are only available with certain mattress brands, such as the British Bed Company. Our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters and search by size such as 'single orthopaedic mattresses', making it easier for you to make an informed decision. 

What tensions of ortho mattresses are available?

An orthopaedic mattress is usually on the firmer support tension scale, designed to target those who suffer with back pain. Below we discuss our orthopaedic beds in greater detail.

Medium firm mattress

The softest tension of our orthopaedic mattress range, this mattress firmness tends to be best designed for those who sleep in various positions. Sleeping on your back and stomach are the most effective in combatting joint or back pain. Yet, some of us may find it hard to not rest on our sides or notice ourselves waking up on our sides regardless.

Sleeping on a mattress with a firmer feel is unsuitable for side sleepers because it does not provide enough cushioning for pressure points such as the shoulders and hips. Not only can this cause other aches and pains, but it can promote an unhealthy spinal alignment. Therefore, a medium firm orthopaedic mattress is included for those who can't steer clear of sleeping on their side.

Do we feature medium orthopaedic mattresses?

Our collection doesn't feature medium orthopaedic mattresses, the reason being a medium mattress is unlikely to provide the firm support required of orthopaedic mattresses. Most orthopaedic mattresses, however, place great emphasis on comfort as well as the support aspect, paving the way for a fantastic night's rest. Therefore, if you're looking to alleviate minor aches and pains for a better night's sleep, consider a firmer mattress.

Firm mattress

A firm mattress is recommended if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach and are frequently affected by back or joint pain. This ortho mattress will adequately support your body weight, so it's evenly distributed throughout the night, ensuring a healthy sleeping posture and a better night's sleep. Moreover, a firm mattress won't move with your body contours, unlike a softer mattress, which will promote a healthy posture when sleeping in these positions.

Extra firm

The firmest of our support tensions, extra firm mattresses are the best orthopaedic mattress for anyone severely affected by aches and pains in their joints or back. Much like our firm tension mattress, this support tension should only be used if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach. Hence, there is no way it can mould your body shape. Extra firm mattresses provide enhanced support levels, meaning the sleeping surface has no movement whatsoever. This will ensure your body weight is evenly distributed and healthy spinal alignment is promoted so you can get a great night's sleep. Lastly, this mattress is also appropriate for heavier or larger people as the stiff springs are more effective in supporting you for many years.

What are the best orthopaedic mattresses?

At the end of the day, the best orthopaedic mattresses come down to what's suitable for you. This relates to the mattress composition and support tension, which are all explained above. If you still need help deciphering the right option, speak to our sleep experts over our live chat service, or call us on 0333 577 5773. The best orthopaedic beds will provide sumptuous comfort and support in equal measure, helping to ensure better sleep quality; therefore, it's important not to assume that a very firm bed, such as an extra firm mattress, won't provide the comfort levels you'd expect.

Why purchase an orthopaedic mattress with Mattressman?

We're proud that we stock many orthopaedic mattresses at Mattressman. We're confident that you can find the right mattress for you whilst undergoing a simple and stress-free purchasing experience. You can visit our stores, where our sleep experts can help you find what you're looking for. Alternatively, our website contains much information to help you make an informed choice.

Next day mattress delivery

You can rely on our free next-day delivery service that can arrive the next day when ordered before 4pm. We also offer a mattress recycling service to remove your old sleeping solution. You don't have to worry about disposing of it yourself.

Ortho bed price points

Our entire range reflects fantastic value for money, providing better sleep for less.

60-night sleep trial

Whilst we're confident, we feature the best orthopaedic mattress for your sleeping requirements. However, we understand it's not always easy to purchase a mattress online. With this in mind, our entire collection of mattresses is eligible for a 60-night sleep trial, provided it's purchased alongside a mattress protector. When you shop with Mattressman, you can rely on any of our orthopaedic beds for superb comfort and support.

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