For those looking for a mattress, bedding, headboard or divan, the British Bed Company is a brilliant option that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Here is a quick guide to navigating all of the products that the British Bed Company has to offer, and some of their most appealing features across their ranges.


The British Bed Company are proud to manufacture mattresses with luxury qualities at affordable prices. Exclusive to Mattressman, the British Bed Company’s sleeping solutions are British-made with locally sourced materials, a value that is at the forefront of the way they operate. Offering mattresses ranging from medium to extra firm tensions, there’s an option for every kind of sleeper in the British Bed Company range. Here are our top tips on finding the right mattress for the way you sleep:

  • Back or front sleepers: If you prefer sleeping on your back or front, you usually require a mattress on the firmer end of the spectrum. This is because healthy spine alignment can be promoted when firmly supported in this position, helping you wake up pain and ache free. Alongside this, firmer mattresses are great at supporting heavier body weights due to the rigidness in the springs. Extra firm mattress tensions are best designed for people who prefer to sleep in these positions but already suffer from back and/or joint pain.
  • Side sleepers: Alternatively, for those preferred side sleepers, you’ll rest best on a softer mattress. Providing extra cushioning to the shoulder and hips pressure points, a softer-medium mattress will promote healthy spine alignment when you sleep in this position. Lighter and average statures can also be adequately supported on a softer or medium mattress.
  • Combination sleepers: For anyone who sleeps across a variety of these sleeping positions, or for couples who share a bed and have different body weights and preferences of sleeping position, a medium firm mattress is a good option. Neither too firm nor too soft for promoting healthy spine alignment across sleeping positions, a medium firm tension is a good compromise on this front.

Bulldog border

Across all British Bed Company mattresses, they have incorporated a bulldog border to provide extra strength and durability. The rod edging bulldog border running around the perimeter of the mattress ensures there’s no sagging around the sides and the sleeping solution is able to provide edge-to-edge support.

Natural fillings to hypoallergenic options

The British Bed Company have certainly thought about the wide variety of preferences each sleeper can have. They have incorporated hypoallergenic fillings, mainly polyester or white filling, into multiple mattresses for those who suffer from hayfever. Alternatively, they have a wide selection of mattresses that utilise natural fillings including silk, cashmere, lambswool, cotton, mohair and various others. Many of these have fantastic properties such as breathability, absorption qualities, softness and temperature regulation, a perfect option to go for if you don’t suffer from hayfever.

British Bed Company Buying Guide


The British Bed Company can provide you with a full sleeping set-up which is why they have designed fully customisable divan options. Here are the aspects which you can customise so you can tailor your bed to the style of your room:

  • Size: From single to small double, double, king size, super king-size or even your own custom size, there are a variety of divan sizes available.
  • Material: You can choose your divan base material from a selection of 46 colours and types of material. Whether you want to go for a bright statement colour or something more neutral, there’s something for everyone.
  • Storage: Divans are best known for the storage they can offer. You can choose from 0, 2 or 4 large drawers, 2 large + 2 small drawers or an ottoman divan. All choices are superb in providing ample storage space for your bedroom.
  • Headboard: The British Bed Company manufacture a fantastic collection of decadent headboards, bringing an element of luxury and opulence to your bedroom. You can choose from their range of headboards or decide against one entirely, how you customise your bed is down to you.


If you’re refreshing your mattress and bed frame, you may as well give your bedding a refresh too. The British Bed Company produces pillows for every kind of sleeper and duvets suitable for every season of the year. From side sleeper box pillows to flatter options suitable for back and front sleepers, you can rely on the British Bed Company to provide hypoallergenic choices for any hay fever sufferers. With this, their duvet range includes options from 10.5 tog to 13.5 tog, great for any time of the year.

British Bed Company Buying Guide