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What are the dimensions of a small single mattress?

A small single mattress measures to be 2'6" wide by 6'3" long, or 75cm x 190cm. The smallest of the mattresses we offer, such a sleeping solution is often compatible with small bunk beds and other small single bed frames too.

What room is a small single mattress best suited to?

Small single mattresses are usually found in a child's bedroom due to being 75cm x 190cm. Often working perfectly for bunk beds or cabin beds, a small single mattress can also work well in a guest bedroom or a guest room that is on the small side.

What types of small single mattresses are there?

Pocket sprung mattresses

Comprised of independently-moving pocket springs individually wrapped in a fabric encasement, pocket sprung mattresses are designed to provide you with total body support and healthy spinal alignment. Because the pocket spring mattress can mould to the contours of your body, a pocket sprung small single mattress can help relieve pressure points as you sleep.

Open coil mattress

One of the most popular choices from our range of small single mattresses, a standard sprung or an open coil mattress is a great option for anyone who's on a budget. The spring system is made up of a continuous wire that runs vertically up and down the mattress, making it an affordable and good value small single mattress.

Memory foam mattresses

For those who like their sleeping surface to mould to their body as they sleep, a memory foam mattress does just this. Comprised of millions of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, the mattress returns to its original shape when pressure is removed, ensuring the sleeping surface moulds to the contours of your body. However, due to this, memory foam mattresses retain heat easily and can make you feel hot throughout the night. Overall, a memory foam mattress contributes to total body support and will alleviate pressure on your joints so you can get a good night's sleep. If you're not searching for a mattress fully comprised of memory foam, there are mattress topper options that incorporate the material.

Reflex foam mattress

Similar to memory foam, reflex foam is comprised of thousands of tiny bubbles instead of holes filled with air. These bubbles shift sideways when pressure is applied, moulding to the shape of your body this way. Cheaper to produce, reflex foam is incredibly affordable whilst still providing excellent support and comfort. What's more, reflex foam small single mattresses are a better option for hot sleepers, as the composition of the mattress surface doesn't retain heat as well as memory foam, keeping your body temperature cool all night long.

Hybrid mattresses

Can't decide between a small single traditionally sprung mattress or one comprised of foams or other comfort layers? A hybrid mattress strikes the perfect balance between a pocket sprung or standard sprung mattress with a reflex foam, latex, Geltex or memory foam mattress. Providing brilliant support from a spring system accentuated with a sumptuous comfort layer, you can rely on a hybrid mattress to provide further support and extra comfort.

How do I know what is the right support tension for me?

For the most comfortable night's sleep for many years to come, sleeping on a small single mattress that is right for your preferred sleeping position and body type is essential. You can read our Tension Guide on our Help & Advice blog here.

Medium tension

Given that most small single mattresses are slept on by children, we would usually recommend a soft or medium tension. This is because less support is required to adequately support a child's body weight and a mattress too firm could refrain them from getting restful sleep on a comfy mattress.
Besides this, a softer or medium support tension is best designed for side sleepers. This is because the sleeping surface can provide cushioning to pressure points to the shoulders and hips, helping to keep the spine aligned in a healthy position all night long.

Medium firm support

If you can't keep still at night and find yourself sleeping in all positions, a medium firm small single mattress may be the best option for you. The sleeping surface won't be too firm or too soft to support you adequately throughout the night, and most importantly, help align your spine in a healthy position.

Firm or extra firm tension

Best designed and suitable for preferred back and front sleepers, firm or extra firm small single mattresses provide ample support for these sleeping positions. An extra firm tension is fantastic for those affected by joint or back pain, as the small single mattress surface can provide the extra support needed to promote healthy spine alignment.

Are there any other small single mattress benefits?

When looking for a new mattress, it's worth noting their extra benefits to see if they will work for you and the way you sleep. Read on to discover some important properties of our small single mattresses.
Firstly, anti-dust mite mattresses are fantastic for hayfever and allergy sufferers. Anti-dust mite mattresses will incorporate synthetic or polyester fillings into the mattress, excluding all-natural fillings, as their fibres have tighter pore sizes that make it difficult for dust mites to pass through.
Many small single mattresses can arrive vacuum-packed for greater convenience. Compressed, rolled up then sealed in vacuum-packed packaging which ensures the small single mattress is reduced to a size that is easy to manoeuvre around your home upon delivery.
When you're shopping for a small single mattress at Mattressman, you can rely on our speedy and free next day delivery on in-stock options when ordered before 4pm. Our free delivery service ensures you get your mattress on the next working day, so you can be on your way to a brilliant night's sleep in absolutely no time at all. Alongside free delivery, we offer a mattress or bed frame recycling disposal service at checkout, so you can rest easy on your new small single mattress knowing that your last was recycled.