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What is a headboard?

A headboard is a board that resides above the sleeping end of the surface and resembles the width of the bed frame. The most common variations of headboards are wooden, fabric and metal headboards. When purchasing a headboard as a standalone product, it must match the size of your current bed frame; a pink single headboard is compatible with a single bed and isn't suitable for a super king bed, for example.

What shades of pink does Mattressman's pink headboard collection consist of?

Here at Mattressman, our pink headboards vary from light shades, such as a pastel or blush pink headboard, to more vibrant pinks, like our British Bed Company headboards in Naples pink.

Why should I purchase a pink headboard?

Pink is often associated with being an incredibly bright and vibrant colour that compliments a select few colour schemes and aesthetics, however pink features several variations and our range of headboards upholstered in pink fabrics offer a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic sure to enhance and reinvigorate your bedding and bed frame. Here at Mattressman, our affordable prices and stylish collections ensure your dream pink headboard is within easy reach.

Light pink headboards

A light shade of pink helps contribute towards an airy and uplifting room and is considered a soft, welcoming colour with style and elegance.

Rich pink headboards

A darker or richer shade of pink adds an abundance of warmth and character to a bedroom and is renowned for the intense style it offers.

What different types of pink headboards does Mattressman feature?

Floorstanding headboards

A floorstanding headboard is essentially what the name suggests; this type of headboard stands on the floor directly behind the bed frame but can also be attached to the wall for additional sturdiness.

Strutted headboards

Strutted headboards feature two reinforced struts to seamlessly attach to a divan bed base.

What different styles of cream headboards does Mattressman feature?

Buttoned headboards

Buttoned headboards are an incredibly stylish and contemporary headboard choice that feature deep, ample rows of buttoning to offer an abundance of character to the room.

Winged headboards

A winged headboard is perhaps the most opulent and elegant style due to the overarching wings that feature on either side of the headboard to create a glamorous and cosy sleeping environment.

Apart from style, what is the benefit of a headboard?

Neck and back support

A fabric headboard provides cushioned neck and back support when sitting upright in bed.

Wall protection

If the bed is placed against the wall, the headboard serves as a protective barrier between the bed frame and wall to help prevent minor scuffs and damage from occurring.

Keeps your pillows in place

If the bed is absent of a headboard, there is the risk of the pillows falling onto the floor from the sleeping end of the bed; a headboard combats this and ensures pillows remain in place.

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