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Mattresses to avoid for hot sleepers

Memory foam

Whilst memory foam mattresses are extremely popular, their structure ensures that they will absorb body heat with minimal breathability. The composition of a memory foam mattress is millions of tiny holes that seep air out when pressure is applied to the surface, providing the body-moulding comfort that so many people love. However, when a memory foam bed is conforming to your sleeping position, there is minimal airflow and the mattress will trap body heat effectively. Therefore, if you're looking for a mattress to keep you cooler at night, we recommend that you avoid opting for many memory foam mattresses.

The best cooling mattresses


Early innovators of the cooling mattress, Silentnight and Sealy include layers of Geltex in their sleeping solutions. Geltex is a viscoelastic air-permeable gel, essentially a foam that is infused with gel molecules and air capsules that make it cool to the touch. Ideal for hot sleepers, Geltex has the comfort of reflex or memory foam layers but with an open cell structure that allows for air circulation to absorb excess heat, wick away hot air and allow the cooling gel to regulate your temperature.

Gel-infused memory foam

Gel-infused foam differs from Geltex because it actually consists of memory foam. Engineered differently to ensure it promotes cooling properties, the open cell memory foam can be infused with various materials to eradicate its strong heat retention qualities. Offering good pressure relief, you can find the appropriate foam firmness for the way you sleep too. One brand that incorporates this material is MLILY, offering infused memory foam with bamboo and charcoal to create a cooling, anti-microbial mattress. Beyond its cooling properties, memory foam is known for its edge support, pressure relief and ability to support you in a multiplicity of sleeping positions.


If you're looking for natural mattresses for hot sleepers, look no further than our range of latex options. Latex is extracted from rubber trees and goes through several processes to become one of the most durable types of mattresses in the sleep industry. Similar to memory foam but instead consisting of an open cell structure that offers more bounce, a latex mattress is a smart bed that is able to absorb and wick away excess heat, ideal for temperature regulation. This type of plush cooling mattress is incredibly durable and can last beyond 10 years of regular use, which is why many decide to invest in latex despite being more expensive than other cooling mattresses.

Hybrid cooling mattress

All of the types of cooling mattresses described above are usually only one component of the overall sleeping solution. Generally, Geltex, infused foams and latex are combined with pocket springs or innerspring mattresses to create a range of hybrid mattresses. Whilst it's entirely possible to have an all-foam or latex mattress, it is much more affordable to opt for a mattress that derives its main support from a spring system whilst still providing cooling properties on the surface layer. A hybrid option is often the best cooling mattress for those who sleep hot and are looking for a firmer mattress, as a rigid spring system is able to provide this beneath a layer of gel memory foam, latex or Geltex.

What is a cooling mattress cover?

Many sleep brands also incorporate a cooling mattress cover into their ranges of temperature-regulating mattresses. Often comprising technologically-advanced materials such as Tencel, they make for a cool to the touch, breathable sleep surface that accentuates the properties of gel mattresses. What's more, you can still use a mattress protector and still reap the benefits of cool mattresses or a breathable cover.

Cooling bedding

For those who really struggle with feeling cool at night, you may want to consider cooling pillows alongside a breathable, supportive mattress. As we explained above, latex brings natural cooling comfort to your sleeping environment, but this isn't constrained to just mattresses. We stock a variety of latex pillows from trusted brands Relyon and Hypnos, providing a firm yet breathable support for your neck and head throughout the night.

What sizes and support tensions of cooling mattresses are available?

We're positive that you can find the best cooling mattress for you in our range, especially because we stock every standard UK size and all support tensions. Whether you're looking at softer mattresses for side sleepers or a firmer mattress fantastic for back or stomach sleepers, you can be sure to find a cooling mattress in either category and everything in between.

Why should I purchase with Mattressman?

Purchasing with Mattressman is a simple and convenient process every step of the way. When ordering an in-stock mattress before 4pm, you can receive it as soon as the next working day thanks to our speedy delivery service. You can also add on our mattress recycling service at checkout and we'll take away your old mattress to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

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