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What are divan bed frames?

One of the most popular kinds of bed frames, divan beds are always pre-assembled and come in two halves. This makes the divan base extremely easy to manoeuvre and move around if need be. Often featuring storage options such as drawers or ottoman storage, divan beds are completely customisable in order to suit your practical and stylistic needs. For example, the British Bed Company divan sets allow you to choose between 4 large drawers, 2 large drawers, 2 large drawers with 2 small drawers, half ottoman storage or full ottoman storage. Not only this, but you can choose from over 45 fabric colours that the divan bed base will be upholstered in, so you can customise the bed frame that matches your bedroom aesthetic exactly.

What sizes of divan beds are available?

Divan beds are available in every standard size of bed, including small single (75 x 190cm), single divan beds (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double divan bed (135 x 190cm), king size bed bases (150 x 200cm), super king divan bed bases (180 x 200cm).

What are the benefits of divan beds?

Our range of divan beds features many benefits, from customisable storage and style to firm support for your mattress. The variety of storage options available to you is a big pro, as well as the various different types of fabric and colours you can choose from. What's more, you can choose from our range of headboards if you wish to have one. We have many different options that fit a range of styles, budgets and sizes including small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

What mattresses can I pair with a divan bed?

Most of our divan beds have a platform top, providing a solid surface that complements a firm or extra firm mattress tension or makes a softer mattress feel more firm. With this in mind, most of our mattresses are suitable to be matched with a divan bed, whether that's pocket springs, open coil, memory foam, hybrid options and much more. Mattresses that are fully comprised of memory foam are usually softer in support tension, so it's worth noting that the memory foam may feel a little firmer when residing on a divan bed. No matter the mattress you pair with our range of divan beds, we're certain you'll get the supported, comfortable and best night's sleep you deserve.