The dream bedroom layout will likely strike the perfect balance between style and practicality and plays a significant part in our day-to-day lives. Our bedroom is the space where we unwind and the backdrop for memories and time well spent. For a child, the significance of a bedroom is integral to their development and upbringing; after all, a ‘child’s bedroom is a place of comfort and a reflection of identity‘. This blog discusses the importance of creating the perfect bedroom for your little one and outlines how Mattressman is on hand to help style your child’s dream bedroom.

How To Create The Perfect Child’s Bedroom

What is the importance of paying attention to the room’s style and design? 

A children’s bedroom can promote independence and creativity 

Providing your child with the trust and independence to shape their own space promotes a degree of empowerment or, in other words, allows your child ‘to express his or her personality and creativity, and encourages them to take responsibility for their room’s upkeep.’ Before you know it, your little one will be calling you into their bedroom seemingly every day to proudly show off their new toy and book collection layout.

Encourages positive behaviours

It’s no secret that children are impressionable, so incentivising an organised and practical bedroom is best achieved by ensuring the room features ‘cool’ furniture. Take our Disney Home range; your little one is more likely to allow their favourite Disney superhero to safeguard their treasured belongings than a bedside chest that doesn’t appeal to them. Therefore, instead of constantly having to tidy up after playtime, your child may take it upon themselves to tidy their bedroom with the help of their new Disney friends.

Practical furniture is a great asset for parents

Whereas a child is likely to prioritise style, the furniture’s practicality is expected to capture your eye. Here at Mattressman, we’re keen to feature furniture in which practicality and style come to the fore.

How To Create The Perfect Child’s Bedroom

Whether in the form of a cabin bed or a mid or high sleeper, a wide array of our children’s beds showcase super built-in storage facilities in the form of drawers, shelves or spacious areas beneath the bed’s sleeping surface. Your little one’s favourite action figures, princesses and magical stories are within easy reach courtesy of our collection. 

If you’re content with your child’s existing bed frame but would like greater storage options, consider one of our innovative and multi-functional under-bed drawers that double up as storage units and spare beds for when sleepovers commence. When the story-telling, films and late-night snacks are finished, your child and their friend can fall asleep contently side by side. 

Our Disney range provides everything you could need to create the dream set-up for any child’s bedroom, with fantastic storage options accompanying these pieces. No longer is your child’s room just somewhere to sleep; the prospect of a magical Disney-infused bedroom is within easy reach. From table and chair sets and shelving units to wardrobes, chests of drawers, and so much more, we’re sure to leave you spoilt for choice. 

How To Create The Perfect Child’s Bedroom

So, how can I create the perfect bedroom for my child? 

Find the right balance between style and practicality

If the decision was left to your child, you may come back to a bedroom full of vibrant colours and awesome designs but with next to no practical pieces; perhaps you have an image in your mind of Elsa or Spider-man occupying almost the entire room. Of course, it’s important for your child’s favourite character or artwork to take centre stage, but the bedroom should accommodate a variety of furniture that emphasises practicality over style and vice-versa. With every potential purchase, assess whether the furniture satisfies your practical needs and your child’s preferred aesthetic.

Remain consistent with your style

Of course, it’s not as strict as to say ‘all your furniture must match in style and colour’, and it’s worthwhile ensuring an elegant and minimalist bedroom is accompanied by a touch of eccentricity and playfulness. However, it’s important to stick to a broad idea of the preferred vision you have in mind. As Simple Parenting explains, ‘If you’re setting out to furnish a new room, you need to have a guiding theme so that everything is tied together.’

Suppose you’d prefer your child take the reigns on this and let their imagination run wild. In that case, we feature a fantastic range of themed and novelty beds showcasing depictions of racecars, buses and safari settings, among other awesome designs. One of these super cool beds, accompanied by a range of Disney furnishings, will pique your child’s interest. These variations of beds’ encourage playfulness in children’ and thus blur the lines between bedrooms and play areas. Depending on how old your child is, you may be tempted by one of our gaming beds that allow for immersive gaming sessions simultaneously, providing a central location for consoles and accessories. With our awesome gaming beds, your kid can conquer their fictional kingdom from the comfort of their room.

How To Create The Perfect Child’s Bedroom

Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a bedroom layout that remains appropriate as your child grows. A bedroom that showcases a distinctively sleek and glamorous style can be achieved by rustic wooden or painted wooden beds or frames that showcase minimalist structures. This isn’t to say that your little one’s fluffy friends and favourite fairy tale stories shouldn’t be on hand to greet any visitors; instead, it’s about finding the balance between a timeless style and your child’s creative touch.