Ottomans are a great option if you’re looking for a new bed. There’s a lot of storage under your bed that goes unused, and ottomans are the bed that utilises it to its full extent. Using a gas spring hydraulics system, the mattress can be lifted up to reveal complete under-bed storage. 

How do ottomans open?

They can open up in two different ways: either at the foot end or at the side. From the foot end, the mattress can feel heavier to lift due to where the gas springs are positioned, but will not need extra support to keep the mattress in place. If it is opened from the side, then the mattress will need a bumper fitted to stop the mattress from falling off. The side opening is a better choice for bedrooms which are smaller, as you can choose which side you would like the storage to open from.

What can I store in my ottoman bed?

Who says you need to store anything specific in an ottoman? It can be anything you like – from extra bedding, pillows, bed linens, clothes, shoes, or whatever you actually need storing. There are no limits on what you store, apart from its maximum capacity.

What are the benefits of ottoman storage?

The first obvious one is that they’re space-saving. Your bed is always going to be in your bedroom no matter what, so what’s the point of finding storage solutions that are just going to take up more floor space? The ottoman means you can keep clutter-free without having to have extra shelves, furniture or space.

Along the same theme, if you have a home that’s limited by space then you will feel the benefits of this hidden storage. In comparison to a divan with maximum drawers, the ottoman still overpowers and provides four times the amount of storage. It’s certainly a smart option.

Another great one is that they usually come with headboards. However before you assume that it does, it’s good to check with the manufacturer that it’s definitely included.

What is a divan ottoman?

A divan bed is a lightweight pre-assembled bed structure that comes in two halves. Also a great option for storage, these beds have been praised due to being able to choose from no storage, up to 4 drawers or ottoman storage. Because the divan is in two halves, the ottoman storage will be also. Therefore, divan ottomans can only really be used from the side to be able to utilise all the storage.

Having said this, divan ottomans can be opened from the foot end but this means you’ll only utilise one half. The great thing about this however is that you can choose to have drawers for the other half of the bed. Ultimately, divans are very versatile and you can pick and choose where you want your storage to be.

Headboards don’t usually come with divan ottomans, but there’s usually an option to choose one with this kind of bed. 

What available sizes are there for an ottoman?

We stock ottomans from small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

What are the weight restrictions for ottomans?

Most ottomans allow for the weight of a heavy mattress, some allow up to around 75kg. It’s always advised that there is no extra weight on the bed when opening up the ottoman. This being said, it’s important that you check the guidance provided by manufacturers to ensure that your mattress will be suitable for it.