There are so many extra benefits to mattresses that can make it hard to know which ones you should opt for. Here’s our guide to all mattress add-ons…


One of the most basic features of a mattress, handles can be placed on either side of the long edges of a mattress to ensure you can move it easily. Whether this is to move the mattress onto a bed frame, regularly rotate or flip (if it’s double-sided), the handles make all of the tasks much easier to tackle.


Suffer from hayfever or dust mite allergies? Anti-allergy mattresses use synthetic or polyester fibre fillings to help keep dust mites at bay. These mattress fillings, which typically comprise anti-allergy mattresses, have small pore sizes which make it difficult for dust mites to pass through. This is especially true when compared to natural fillings that have much larger pore sizes.


No one wants a stuffy sleeping environment, right? Many mattresses include vents around their borders, helping ventilate heat out and bring in cooler air. Overall, this ensures your mattress is breathable, wicking away excess heat and keeping you cool at night.

Source 5

All mattresses that are used in contract settings such as hotels, B&B’s, care homes and similar establishments, have to be in compliance with Source 5. This means that the mattress must pass a flame retardant test, making it suitable for people to sleep on in such settings.

Rod edge

Providing extra reinforcement around the border, rod edging maintains the longevity of a mattress. It accentuates and strengthens the edge-to-edge support that the mattress provides and is a sign of quality.

Common amongst most mattresses, a knitted cover is both stretchy and breathable, moulding to your mattress and providing a soft and comfortable night’s sleep.


There are a variation of covers that mattresses can feature, and micro-quilting is one of the most comfortable. Stitching together fabric and fillings in repetitive shapes, they create a patterned quilt layer that is exceptionally comfy and soft.


If you like to have an extra layer of comfort on your mattress, then a pillow top could be the way for you to go. Essentially a pillow-like layer on the surface of the mattress will move to the contours of your body and people say it’s like sleeping on a ‘cloud-like’ surface. However, this doesn’t mean that pillow-top mattresses haven’t gone without any criticisms, with many reporting that the initial comfort is fantastic, but the pillow-top layer deteriorates quickly. Regularly rotating the mattress is a good way to combat this, as pressure will be balanced across the mattress surface.

Hand side stitching

Usually found on higher-end mattresses, hand side stitching is essentially what it says on the tin. Handcrafted and sewn, rows of stitching around a mattress strengthen the sides, provide edge-to-edge support, help improve the longevity of the mattress and help keep fillings and springs aligned correctly. 

Vacuum packed

Got awkward corners that a mattress may struggle to wrap around? Luckily, a vacuum-packed mattress makes it easy for you to manoeuvre your mattress around your home, one of the most convenient benefits when it comes to mattress delivery. The process involves condensing the mattress up to 70% of its original size and getting placed in a box for delivery, easy – right? When it comes to getting it on your bed, simply take it to your bedroom, remove it from the box, place it on the bed and remove it from plastic packaging. After a few hours, it will look like it’s reaching its original size, but after 24 hours it will have completely returned to it.

A Guide To All Mattress Add-Ons

Damask cover

Typically breathable, soft to touch and flexible, damask covers are composed of a viscose blend. Such covers are common amongst most mattresses, providing a super-comfortable sleeping environment.

Removable cover

If you’re eager to keep your mattress exceptionally clean, then you may want to consider a sleeping solution with a removable cover. Easy to take off, machine wash and put back on, it adds to an extra hygienic sleeping environment and can increase the longevity of your mattress in the long run.