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What is a vacuum-packed rolled mattress?

At Mattressman, we stock a variety of rolled-up mattresses that have been vacuum-packed for condensed, easily transportable delivery. The rolled mattress will arrive in a box small enough to pick up and easily manoeuvre around your home. Often referred to as a 'bed in a box' mattress, our range can completely revolutionise the way mattresses are set up. For a premium collection of boxed mattresses at affordable prices, we're sure our range will leave you spoilt for choice. A roll up mattress makes your mattress shopping experience a seamless one and removes the difficulties of awkwardly navigating your mattress through awkward spaces.

How is a rolled-up mattress vacuum-packed?

A rolled-up mattress is fantastic for a small home or house where moving a full-size bed around may be awkward. To get the mattress in a state to be rolled up, it first has to be flattened by a compression machine. It is then tightly rolled up and placed in plastic packaging. This is then vacuum-packed by removing the air and heat sealing, so there's no way the rolled mattress can begin to unravel whilst in the packaging. Not only is this a compact package, but it makes for easy transportation, too. When removing it from the vacuum packing, ensure you do so in the desired room where you want the mattress to be.

What kinds of rolled-up mattresses can be delivered rolled?

At Mattressman, our range of rolled-up mattresses includes an array of different mattress compositions and mattress firmnesses. From pocket sprung mattresses to open coil, memory foam mattresses, reflex foam, hybrid, and Geltex mattresses, almost every type can be rolled up and delivered in a box. The same can be said for mattress firmnesses, including soft, medium, medium firm and firm mattresses. The springs are so rigid that compression can damage the spring unit. The only mattress tension that cannot be rolled up is an extra firm option. For an easy roll-up mattress, memory foam mattresses have the suitable composition to easily be compressed and vacuum-packed. 

What sizes are included in our collection?

Our collection includes every single standard size, so whether it's a rolled double mattress, a king-size option or anything in between, you can rely on Mattressman. What's more, we also stock European single, double and king mattresses.

How long should I leave my rolled mattress when I've unpackaged it?

The answer to this depends on the brand of rolled mattress. However, a general rule is that a boxed mattress will be good after 4 hours but will be perfect by 24 hours. Getting your new mattress to your bed frame of choice is more accessible, but you will also have a comfortable mattress in only a few hours. Vacuum-packed mattresses will return to their original full shape 24 hours after unpackaging and are ready to provide a great night's sleep.

What are the other benefits of rolled mattresses?

Because a rolled-up mattress takes up less space, delivery drivers can fit more in their vans and do fewer journeys, lowering their carbon footprint. With Mattressman, you can not only rely on fantastic prices, but also easy set-up courtesy of our roll up bed collection.

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