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3' Single Mattresses

Here at Mattressman we have a fantastic range of single mattresses for just about everybody’s needs. With an excellent selection of simple traditional pocket spring mattresses, all the way along the technology spectrum to the more sophisticated alternatives such as memory foam and even ActiGEL. Whatever your sleep requirements, we are sure to have the perfect mattress for you. We do understand that finding that exact design of bed frame to complete the look of a newly decorated bedroom is high on many people’s priority list. Although the style of the room is an important part of the process from a design point of view, it’s not focusing on the crucial question of your sleeping comfort level. Your choice of mattress is really the one decision that can make or break just how well you sleep each and every night. With different manufacturing processes producing many different filling combinations we recommend you look through our extensive range of 3-foot single mattresses from such categories as traditional springs, pocket springs, latex, memory foam and more. Take time to get it right, you won’t regret the extra effort by choosing the best one for you. With such a wide variety of choice of single mattresses we do know it can seem a little daunting, so we have put together a quick collection of benefits and features to help make your choice a little bit easier. This should enable you to pick out the perfect single mattress for your bedroom (or guest room) that will cater for your specific sleep needs and requirements.

What size is a single mattress?

It’s important to know what size you are buying, a single mattress is 190cm /75 inches in length and 90cm 35 inches wide, however, there are manufacturer tolerances that may see this slightly reduced. This size is known as a 3’ Single. Double check the sizes as there are also Small Singles and Toddler bed options.

Different Single Mattress types

Traditional spring single mattresses are considered the most reasonably priced option that still offer good levels of comfort and support. With that said, it means they are great for those on a budget or for a secondary bedroom or guest room. Traditional spring single mattresses should be rotated every two weeks for the first three months to allow it to settle. Then going forward you will only need to rotate it once a month. Pocket spring single mattresses have the internal spring work positioned independently in order to allow the mattress to respond accurately to your body and any sleep movement. They provide high quality sleep at several affordable price points, so have a look through our ranges from many top manufacturers. Memory foam single mattresses are very popular with lots of people. The memory foam offers body-hugging properties that can adjust and keep you in a comfortable sleeping position throughout the night. The material is specially designed to respond to heat, so if this is an important feature for you, these mattresses are worth looking through. Zip and Link single mattresses are very handy if you have two single beds that you are able to push together when guests stay. Some beds are prone to allowing the two mattresses to slide apart during the night, a Zip and Link single mattress allows you to zip them together as a king size and so creating a king size bed as and when the requirement arises. You never know when your relatives may arrive for that surprise visit! A Latex single mattress would be a great purchase if you struggle with back pain or night time sleep related aches. With its natural elasticity memory foam mattresses often feature cotton and wool adding to the better approach to body moulding and tension easing back support. A rolled up single mattress has the benefit of being very easily delivered or even collected from a local store yourself. These modern mattresses come in convenient box that will easily fit through doorways or narrower hallways that a standard mattress just wouldn’t go. So if you are in a smaller flat or house with limited access a rolled up single mattress would ideal for you.