How big is a single mattress?

Our single mattress range can provide more than just a good night's sleep and a popular mattress size that's fantastic for many different bedrooms. They supply support and extra comfort across our different types of spring systems and comfort layers. A single mattress measures 90cm wide x 190cm long, which equates to 3'0" by 6'3". Please browse through our collection of single bed mattresses to find the one that suits your sleeping needs and preferences. Use our filters above to view a different mattress size too. If you can fit a larger bed in your bedroom, you can browse our range of small double mattresses, which are 120cm (4') wide and 190cm (6'6") long.

What types of single mattresses are there?

At Mattressman, we have a quality mattress designed for how you sleep. Whether you're looking for a single mattress for a child, a guest room or a spare room, we have a single bed appropriate for any room. Our single mattresses include pocket springs, memory foam, open coil, latex, hybrid options, and many more.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Each spring moves independently and provides a superior level of support no matter the number of pocket springs included in the mattress. Either filled with natural or synthetic materials, pocket sprung mattresses incorporate a comfort layer or pillow top, perfect for adding more comfort to an already fantastic single bed.

Open coil

The open coil spring system comprises a continuous wire, one of the oldest ways of manufacturing a mattress. A fantastic budget option, you can rely on an open coil single mattress to be an excellent fit for the spare room or a child's bedroom.

Single memory foam mattress

Perfect for added comfort, a single memory foam mattress surface will mould to the contours of your body shape as you sleep. Memory foam is often combined with a pocket sprung mattress or open coil spring systems, known as hybrid mattresses. This is because you benefit from the support of springs but also the comfort of memory foam. Alternatively, you can get single memory foam mattresses comprised of 100% memory foam too.

The structure of a memory foam mattress comprises millions of tiny holes. When you apply pressure to the memory foam mattress, air seeps out of these holes to allow the surface to mould to you. As a result, memory foam retains heat exceptionally well because there is minimal airflow. This type of mattress should be avoided for a hot sleeper, instead opting for a single bed with cooling or temperature regulating properties, such as Geltex, gel foam or latex.

Gel foam

For anyone who loves the body-moulding nature of memory foam mattresses but struggles with the heat, a gel foam mattress could be for you. Gel foam offers a similar level of comfort but is infused with elastic gel to rival the heat retention of memory foam. This means your temperature will be better regulated whilst you sleep.

Hybrid mattresses

Do you want a mattress where you can enjoy the unparalleled comfort of a spring structure and the luxurious comfort of memory foam, gel foam or latex? You can do precisely this with a hybrid mattress. Fusing two mattresses offer some of the best support and comfort combined. The most common combination is memory foam and pocket springs. Still, you can also see these interchanged with gel foam, latex and an open coil spring system.

To explore the rest of our single mattress types, please use our filters above to shop for more comfort and support options.

What is the right mattress firmness for me?

Getting the best night's sleep possible depends on what mattress firmness suits your preferred sleeping position. The right single mattress for how you sleep will promote healthy spinal alignment and total body support.

Side sleeper

For those who prefer to sleep on their side, your pressure points, such as the shoulders and hips, need extra cushioning to support your body correctly. A soft or medium tension mattress is best designed to do this as you sleep in this position.

Back or front sleeper

Laying flat on your back or front means opting for a firmer mattress. With this, if you're of a heavier stature or are affected by back or joint pain, an extra firm mattress will help provide additional support throughout the night.

I sleep in all positions

If you prefer to sleep on your back, front and side, a medium firm mattress will be soft enough to support side sleeping and sufficient for when you're on your back or front. For those who share a bed with a partner and have differing sleeping position preferences, a medium firm mattress will also suffice to give you a great night's sleep.

What are better, natural or synthetic fillings?

There are many benefits of a single mattress that contains natural materials. Natural materials and fibres have large pore sizes, making it easier for dust mites to pass through and build up. The fibres have a tight pore size with polyester fillings, making it harder for dust mites to reside in your single mattress. Overall, this means allergy symptoms are experienced less with synthetic fillings. However, if you're affected by hay fever or dust mite allergies, we recommend you choose a single bed with synthetic or polyester fillings.

What brands of single mattresses do you stock?

Mattressman is proud to stock every trusted brand and manufacturer as part of our range, including Silentnight, Sealy, Hypnos, British Bed Company, Relyon, Sleepeezee, Snuggle Beds, JAY-BE, and many more. We're positive you will find the perfect choice of single mattress amongst our customer favourites.