Finding the right headboard for your bedroom can often be a struggle, when there are so many options available it can be hard to choose! Read on and ask yourself these questions to help find the perfect headboard for your bedroom aesthetic and budget…

1) What type of bed frame do I have?

Whilst separate headboard options are usually paired with divan bed frames, it’s still worth asking yourself this question. If you have a divan, it’s likely that it will be upholstered and would best match up with a fabric headboard. If the divan is upholstered with faux leather, then opting for a leather headboard will provide more of a cohesive style.

If you don’t have a divan and are looking for a headboard to attach to a bed frame, you need to figure out the logistics of doing so. Mattressman stocks a variety of floor standing or strutted (attachable) headboards, so you can be sure to find the headboard that will work for your current bed frame. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new bed frame alongside a headboard, be sure to consider the logistics prior. You can buy a bed frame that comes with a headboard, or alternatively, you can go the divan route and select a stunning customisable headboard to match it.

2) What’s your budget?

Now you know what type of headboard you’re looking for, you’ll want to consider your budget before you dive into the fun stuff. You don’t want to customise a whole headboard and then realise it’s out of your range. Use our price filter to sift out any options that aren’t in your budget.

3) What size bed do I have?

This one is a bit of a no brainer. For whatever size bed you have, your new headboard shall correspond in size too. We stock headboards from small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

4) Lastly, what bedroom aesthetic have you embraced?

Colour schemes aside, we stock a wide variety of headboards that feature different styles. Minimalistic, traditional, contemporary and luxe, you can be sure to find a headboard that has the style you want.

Headboard Buying Guide
Modern style: Fabric Headboards

If you’ve browsed through your variety of styles and found an option that will fit in well with your room, you may want to consider the customisable colour scheme next. Most of the options we stock allow you to choose what kind of upholstery you want, so you can match it to the colour schemes of your bedroom or choose a bolder, statement colour. The choice is yours!