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whats the difference between solid and sprung slats

You may have been browsing for a new bed frame and came across the terms ‘solid slats’ and ‘sprung slats’, perhaps thinking what ‘what are they?’ and ‘what is the difference between them?’. Here, we’ll give you the low-down everything slats…

Solid slats

  • Lay flat across the width of the bed.
  • They provide a firmer, solid foundation for your mattress. Overall, this ensures a firmer feel and accentuates firmer mattresses well.
  • Solid slatted bed frames are usually quicker and easier to assemble when compared to sprung slats. The solid slat runs along the entire width of the bed which is then secured at the side rails, and these slats are normally reinforced with a rail that runs along the middle of the bed.
Solid slats

Sprung slats

  • Sprung slats have a slight upward curve to their shape, providing a bouncier surface for your mattress to lay on. This accentuates the tension of softer and medium mattresses.
  • When compared to solid slats, this type usually takes a little longer to assemble. Sprung slatted bed frames normally run to the halfway point in the bed. On the side rails and the middle rail of the bed frame, there are plastic pockets where either end of the slat is secured. Overall, this ensures that the slats are held in place and can provide that bouncy feel adequately. 
Sprung slats

Solid slats bestsellers

Sprung slats bestsellers

  • Birlea Phoenix Ottoman range. White, grey or oak, these sprung slatted rubberwood bed frames provide bouncy support for your mattress as well as under bed ottoman storage.
  • Julian Bowen Deco Velvet Bed. The perfect fabric bed choice with sprung slats, not only offers luxurious style but accentuates softer mattresses.
  • Limelight Libra Metal Bed range. If you’re looking for a metal bed to give your mattress bouncy support, this range could be right for you.

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