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Sleep In Lockdown: The Stats

Mattressman has recently conducted a survey in order to find out how COVID-19 lockdowns have affected our sleep quality, patterns and habits. Our statistics were based on the answers from 700 respondents and revealed that lockdowns have worsened our sleep across these areas.

The stats

  • 59% of people say their sleep quality has worsened in lockdown.
  • The average amount of sleep respondents were getting before the lockdown was 6.8 hours, which decreased to 5.7 hours during the lockdown.
  • 36% of people did not have regular sleeping patterns prior to the lockdown. This increased to 62% throughout the lockdown.
  • Prior to the lockdown, 27% of respondents experience over 10 minutes of sleep inertia, the period between when your first wake up to when you’re fully alert. In the lockdown, this increased to 52% of respondents.

When respondents were asked about why they think their sleeping patterns may have changed for the better or worse, the most common answers were ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’. On the flip side, respondents who thought their sleep patterns had improved put this down to not needing to wake up so early to travel to work.

And there you have it! How has your sleep changed when comparing sleep before and during lockdown periods? We’d love to hear your comments below…

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