No doubt that we’ve all wondered about silly things like what the world’s biggest bed is, right? We thought the same, so why not let you know the answer is alongside some other strange mattress records! You’ll be surprised what people have done…

World’s largest mattress

In 2013, the largest mattress in the world was revealed in Georgia, USA. The mattress’ size was equivalent to that of 72 king size mattresses, 96 queens or simply covering a huge 3,040 square feet. Overall, it took more than 2 months and an astonishing 2,068kg of foam to construct. The reason behind why this project began was to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and a good mattress, and not to take sleep or the mattress you sleep on for granted.

World’s longest human-mattress domino chain

An electronics company in Maryland, US, set out to break the Guinness World Record for largest mattress-human domino chain. Achieved in 2016, they successfully lined up 1200 people and beat the record, all in 13 minutes and 38 seconds.

World’s largest sleeping bag

In the name of raising awareness of homeless young people, UK firms came together to produce the world’s largest sleeping bag. Measuring 30ft by 60ft, it managed to beat what the Guinness World Records recognises as the winner at 24.5ft by 54.16ft. Showcased at Canary Wharf in London, they squeezed 100 volunteers into it too. This meant that this sleeping bag actually broke two records – one for the biggest-ever sleeping bag and the most number of people in a bag!

World’s fastest mobile bed

In 2016, created a mobile bed-car hybrid that also managed to be the fastest of its kind. Reaching just over 83mph, the record was beaten in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The bed was built on a Ford Mustang GT, so it makes sense it’s the fastest bed!

Weird Yet Wonderful Bed Records

The most people fit on a single bed

A furniture company in Beijing, China, managed to cram an immense 54 people into a single bed in 2013. Now that couldn’t have been a very comfortable night’s sleep!

Did you like our weird bed records? Some of them are truly incredible and outstanding that anyone ever thought to set the records in the first place… Let us know what you think below…