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What is the difference between a wooden headboard and an upholstered headboard?

All headboards stand tall above the top of the bed; the difference between a wooden headboard and an upholstered headboard lies in their materials. Upholstered headboards incorporate material such as velvet, faux leather or suede on their surface, whereas a wooden headboard solely consists of wood.

What are buttoned headboards?

A buttoned headboard is upholstered in a range of fabrics with ample, deep button indentations implemented throughout the surface layer of the headboard.

Why should I choose a buttoned headboard?

A buttoned headboard combines contemporary style with traditional upholstery and blurs the lines between conventional and modern headboards. The rows of sumptuous deep buttons offer a stunning backdrop to any bedroom and are renowned for their style and elegance.


Any upholstered headboard provides a comforting and supportive place to rest your back, creating a cushioned effect.

Tailor your headboard to your bed

Here at Mattressman, we have a range of buttoned headboards sold separately from our beds; this is beneficial as it means you can purchase an upholstered headboard to compliment your existing bed instead of buying an entirely new bed frame. With a wide array of different designs and colours, you'll be sure to find a new upholstered headboard to rejuvenate your bed.

What type of buttoned headboards are available?

Floorstanding Headboards

As the name suggests, a floorstanding headboard stands directly on the floor behind the bed frame.

Strutted Headboards

With a strutted headboard, the headboard is attached to the bed base via two wooden struts. Strutted headboards can be easily adjusted to the height you want.

What beds come with buttoned headboards?


Leather is renowned for its elegance and adds a glamorous finish to the bedroom; with an array of white, grey and black beds upholstered in leather with buttoned headboards, Mattressman blends contemporary style with traditional beauty. For an upholstered headboard that combines a classic and timeless material with modern patterning, look no further than a leather, buttoned headboard.

Fabric bed

Our buttoned headboards, upholstered in fabric, are soft to the touch and match the bed to create a sense of cohesion. For an understated buttoned headboard that provides subtle elegance with its stylish plain fabrics, look no further than a buttoned headboard accompanying a fabric bed.

Ottoman bed

Ottoman beds include integrated storage systems, lifting the base through hydraulics to reveal storage space underneath.

As Ottoman beds are renowned for their storage capabilities, the style and beauty of the bed can sometimes go unnoticed; a stylish, modern buttoned headboard reinforces the bed's style.

What sized beds are available with buttoned headboards?

Our buttoned upholstered headboards accompany beds in various sizes, from a single bed to a super king sized bed. A single bed frame generally fits a 3'0" wide and 6'3" long mattress. Our small double beds accommodate a small double mattress that is 4'0" wide by 6'3" long, with our double beds measuring 4'6" wide by 6'3" long. Our king size beds measure 5'0" wide by 6'3" long, in contrast to our super king size beds that measure 6'0" wide by 6'6" long.

Apart from providing style, what is the importance of buttoned headboards?

The purpose of a buttoned headboard isn't merely to elevate the room's decor; there are a whole host of benefits that accompany headboards to protect your bed and room.

Head and back support

The most obvious benefit of a buttoned headboard is its support to your head and back. Beds are utilised for so much more than sleeping; they are the basis for watching television, studying and more; a lot of the time we spend in bed is sitting upright against a headboard. With an upholstered headboard, you receive soft and comforting support for your head and back.

Able to prevent wall damage

Depending on the bed's placement, a buttoned headboard acts as a barrier between your bed and the wall, preventing any damage that may occur due to contact.

Keeps your pillows secure

Unless you've temporarily lost a pillow in the morning, you'll never know how irritating it can be. As trivial as this may seem, a headboard prevents this from happening, ensuring your pillows won't fall from the sleeping end of the bed.

How often should I replace buttoned headboards?

Unless the headboard is unstable and unfit to serve a purpose, there isn't a pressing need to replace it; however, if your headboard is dated, faded or worn, it can make your bed look old and uninviting, and a new upholstered headboard may be necessary.

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