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Mattressman’s Best Mattresses Of 2020

We all can relate to the fact that 2020 has been a stressful year. Maybe your sleep routine has taken a hit as a result. For those who haven’t been sleeping so well, why not treat yourself to a new mattress just in time for the new year? We’ve sifted through hundreds of products and their reviews to provide you with Mattressman’s best mattresses of 2020, so you can find your next sleeping solution with ease…

Best soft mattress

Sealy Millionaire Luxury Open Coil Mattress

Perfect for those side sleepers and light statures out there, soft mattresses are best designed for you! However, some soft mattresses tend to deteriorate quicker, as the spring resistance is much less than others. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perfect mattress for you though! The Sealy Millionaire Luxury Open Coil Mattress is both sumptuously soft and durable, meaning it will last you years to come – reflected in their 5-year guarantee!

British Bed Company Hotel Rest Deluxe Pocket Sprung Mattress

On the slip side, those front, back or heavy stature sleepers would be intrigued to know our best firm mattress recommendation. This year, the Hotel Rest Deluxe Pocket Sprung Mattress from the British Bed Company has proved to be a popular choice! Not only has this long-lasting mattress been providing stable support across the nation, but its cotton fillings and soft Egyptian cover are also brilliant for temperature regulation and keeping cool at night.

British Bed Company Hotel Rest Deluxe Pocket Sprung Mattress

Best budget mattress

Snuggle Beds Memory Ortho Luxe Open Coil Mattress

Are low-budget options so cheap because they’re poorly made, or because they are a genuine budget option? With the Snuggle Beds Memory Ortho Luxe Open Coil Mattress, it has provided countless great night’s of sleep and even includes some great attributes like a layer of memory foam with a soft knitted cover. The comfort of this mattress is proven in the reviews, with many people recommending this trusty bed.

Silentnight Pocket 1200 Eco Comfort Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket springs are a great option if you sleep with your partner in bed. As all 1200 move individually when pressure is applied, you won’t feel your partner tossing or turning throughout the night. If you’re easily awoken, this is the kind of mattress that will help with this issue. The Which? Best Buy award it has won proves what a fantastic sleeping solution this is, enduring the rigorous tests that Which? put the mattresses through. And for those who are concerned with the environment, Silentnight has manufactured sustainable eco fibres that contribute to an extremely breathable mattress.

Silentnight Pocket 1200 Eco Comfort Pocket Sprung Mattress

Best memory foam mattress

Healthosleep Apollo Reflex Foam Mattress

Some of us swear by the comfort of foam mattresses, and these are typically the people who prefer to sleep on their side. Providing you with the softest cushioning around your shoulders and hips for healthy spine alignment, it will leave your body feeling well-rested and ready to go every morning. The Appollo Reflex Foam Mattress has multiple layers all entirely comprised of foam, from reflex foam base layers to a sumptuously soft memory foam topper. Be warned though – if you’re a ‘hot-sleeper’ – a foam mattress is unlikely to be the one for you, as they are notorious for trapping heat and keeping you toasty.

JAY-BE Benchmark S7 Tri-brid Open Coil Mattress

Did you know that mattresses can be environmentally-friendly? Well, yes they can! JAY-BE have created an entire range of eco-friendly mattresses, helping them achieve the goal of sustainable manufacturing and lowering their carbon footprint. The Benchmark S7 Tri-brid incorporates their award-winning e-fibres across 8 layers of springs and foam-free comfort layers. And of course, it arrives vacuum-packed for your convenience. What more else could you ask for?

JAY-BE Benchmark S7 Tri-brid Open Coil Mattress

Best of the best mattress

Sleepeezee Pocket Gel Poise 3200 Pocket Sprung Mattress

The question we should be asking about the Pocket Gel Poise 3200 is – what doesn’t this mattress offer? Sleepeezee have incorporated so many attributes into this mattress that you’ll probably never want to leave it. Providing over 3000 pocket springs, a heavenly pillow-top, 40mm Staycool Gel layer, 30mm Supersoft foam with Sensiful layer and another 20mm Staycool gel layer. We think that’s enough luxurious layers to please anyone! Sleep and feel like your floating on a cloud, and what’s more, the Good Housekeeping approval will agree with that sentiment.

Sleepeezee Pocket Gel Poise 3200 Pocket Sprung Mattress

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