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What are kids' cabin beds?

Cabin beds are what you'd consider a standard child's bed frame, with the additional benefit of integrated storage solutions. These bed frames vary in height, with a range of elevated bed frames and beds placed closer to the ground. However, all of our cabin beds are placed lower to the ground than our range of mid and high sleepers; our cabin beds are the way to go if you're searching for lower beds that allow for more space within your little one's bedroom.

Kids' cabin beds FAQs

What ages of children are cabin beds suitable for?

Children's cabin beds are the perfect transition from a cot bed before your little one upgrades to a mid sleeper bed or a high sleeper. As a general rule of thumb, cabin beds are suited to younger children of four and older. Predominately, cabin beds are occupied by young children; however, there is no reason why an older child couldn’t sleep on a cabin bed.

What sizes are our cabin beds?

All of our cabin beds are single size.

What is the appeal of a cabin bed?

The main appeal of cabin beds is the integrated storage solutions accompanying our entire range. The storage space underneath the mattress can be utilised for toys and books, keeping your child's bedroom tidy and paving the way for greater floor space. As mentioned above, cabin beds are placed relatively close to the ground compared to bunk beds, loft beds, mid sleepers and high sleepers. Therefore, you can rely on a cabin bed to help save space and keep your little one's room tidy and organised while not worrying about their sleeping arrangement.


Many of our cabin beds provide your child the platform to tailor their bed to their interests and preferred style. For instance, some of our kids' beds feature integrated desks and on-display storage space. In addition, with fun designs and a range of colours to choose from, including white, pink and blue, you can choose the bed that best matches their bedroom's style.

What brands can I choose from?

Our fantastic collection features Julian Bowen, LPD Furniture & Birlea cabin beds.

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