If you’ve endured a poor-quality mattress for too long and have finally taken it upon yourself to upgrade your sleeping solution, you’ll know the excitement and anticipation surrounding your new purchase. However, there is sometimes a misconception that the new mattress lacks the appropriate quality and support. This is often down to what we call mattress settlement. This blog outlines what mattress settlement is, its commonality and why it shouldn’t be of concern. 

What Is Mattress Settlement?

What exactly is mattress settlement?

Mattress settlement is the process in which ‘the fillings of a mattress compress and ‘settle’ into position’. When you first sleep on a new mattress, the internal layers haven’t previously had pressure applied to them; therefore, there’s often a temporary dip or imprint surrounding the area in which the body rests. The dip is made even more noticeable by the other areas of the mattress that have remained relatively untouched. Mattress settlement is essentially your body’s impressions forming in your new mattress. 

How common is mattress settlement?

As mentioned above, mattress settlement isn’t a cause for concern. If you’re experiencing what you believe to be a sagging or dipping feeling with your new mattress, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your mattress is merely in an adjustment period. Of course, every mattress is different; however, as a general rule of thumb, mattress settlement lasts between 30 and 90 nights

Do all mattresses experience mattress settlement?

There is no definitive answer as to whether all mattresses experience settlement issues. However, as previously mentioned, it’s a temporary occurrence common in many mattresses. 

Furthermore, there is no correlation between mattress quality and settlement. The key difference between mattress settlement and a worn mattress is that your new mattress needs a short amount of time to adjust to your body and offer an enhanced night’s rest. In contrast, a sagging mattress is deemed unsuitable and can no longer provide the appropriate support and comfort. A case could be made that mattress settlement is considered necessary for a high-quality mattress as ‘a mattress with generous layers of comfort fillings should be expected to demonstrate ‘body impressions’ and is an indication that the mattress is performing correctly’.

Are particular mattresses more prone to mattress settlement than others?

Mattresses with soft layers like wool and cotton are more prone to settlement. Memory foam mattresses are also susceptible to mattress settlement as their foam cells can become compressed at a faster pace than fibres. It’s worth pointing out that mattress settlement tends to be more noticeable in king and super king size mattresses due to the wider sleeping area.

What Is Mattress Settlement?

Is there anything I can do to prevent mattress settlement? 

Regular mattress rotation

Rotating your mattress and alternating sleeping ends increases the chance of evenly distributed weight across the entire mattress. In other words, if you don’t turn your mattress, only one end will bear the weight of your upper body. 

Add a mattress topper

Not only does a mattress topper enhance the mattresses comfort, but it also helps to distribute weight evenly. Our fantastic range of mattress toppers can enhance your night’s rest and help to combat mattress settlement. 
Whilst mattress settlement can be frustrating and perhaps even alarming, there is no need to be worried; you can rely on Mattressesman to enhance your night’s sleep. We pride ourselves on high-quality, premium mattresses and a commitment to our customers. If you believe your mattress is faulty or not of sufficient quality, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at 0333 577 5773 or email customerservicesmattressman.co.uk.