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what is the right mattress firmness for me

Do you get confused when shopping for a mattress online? There isn’t a lot of guidance about what mattress is right for certain body types or preferred sleeping positions.

And with so much of today’s shopping now done online, these are the facts that you need to know. Good job Mattressman has created a guide, so you can find out what’s the best sleeping surface for you…

Maybe you’ve read this and some questions have arisen…

What if I share a bed with my partner and we have different body types and preferred sleeping positions?’. If this is the case, then you both need to find a happy balance of what works for both of you. 

‘I sleep on the right surface for me yet I still don’t sleep well, why?’. Again if this is the case, it’s likely that it’s not the mattress which is causing you to stay up. It’s best to talk to a health professional to ensure better sleep for you in the future.

Now you know the right mattress for you, check out our website where there’s something for every kind of sleeper…

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